Landlines in the UK are going digital. By 2025, the existing analogue technology (the PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network) which has supported phone and broadband services for decades will be switched off and replaced with newer digital technology.

The good news is the landline isn’t going away, it’s simply being upgraded. This is a once in a generation upgrade that will see the vast majority of customers provided with a broadband line, Landline calls will be made using a handset in the same way as today but will use ‘Voice over IP’ technology that uses an internet connection. Most people have been using this type of technology for years through video or voice messaging apps used on connected mobile phones.

Digital networks will be easier to maintain and will underpin many of the new digital services for homes and businesses, providing a better service for customers.

The shift from analogue to digital phone lines is an industry wide upgrade and has already started in many countries including Germany, France, Australia and Japan. 

Together with Government, Ofcom, telecoms providers and key industry groups, we’re working hard to make sure that everyone knows about the change, how they will be impacted and what they need to do as a result.  

Home customers

Digital Voice is our new home phone service for the next generation and beyond. Delivered through your broadband connection, it gives you an improved service and crystal-clear calls. Plus, switching is totally free.

If you are a customer of BT, Plusnet or EE, don’t worry! We’ll contact you when it’s time to move. 

Business customers

If you are a business, charity or public sector customer, the process of switching to digital phone lines will be gradual. We’ll give plenty of notice regarding any changes to your service and work closely with you to find the service that best suits your needs.

As well as traditional phonelines, the PSTN supports everything from alarm systems, and traffic lights to ATMs. If you have devices connected to your telephone line, you will need to check with the manufacturer or service provider that they will still work on BT’s IP Voice network. 

If you are a provider or manufacturer of any equipment that works using our phone network and want to check whether it is compatible with a digital phone line, you can visit our digital services lab at Adastral Park near Ipswich. 


Customers in the Salisbury and Mildenhall areas will be amongst the first in the UK to benefit from the upgrade to digital phone lines via our trials.

Find out more about the trials:

Openreach engineer installing fibre
Openreach engineer installing fibre