Community of Chairpersons

Jan du Plessis, BT Group Chairman, actively participates in the WEF Community of Chairpersons, a forum of around 100 chairs of WEF Partner companies who are representative of global business from all industries. The community addresses globally relevant business issues, exchanges best practice and acts as an advisory board to the WEF.

International Business Council

Philip Jansen, BT Group Chief Executive, sits on the WEF International Business Council (IBC); a community of 100 highly respected and influential chief executives from all industries. The IBC identifies and addresses globally relevant business issues and develops practical solutions. 

Digital Communications Industry Steering Committee

Philip Jansen, BT Group Chief Executive, is a member of the WEF Digital Communications Industry Steering Committee. The committee helps to identify cooperative models and best practice for digital infrastructure investment to help build a digital economy that is sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy. 

European Regional Business Council

Bas Burger, Chief Executive Office, Global, BT is a member of the WEF European Regional Business Council, an elite advisory body made up of influential and respected leaders, which represents the collective interests of Europe.

Industry Strategy Officers Group

Michael Sherman, BT Group Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer, is a member of the WEF Industry Strategy Officers Group. This group brings together the most strategic minds from among the Forum’s members and partners to test current assumptions, enhance strategic thinking and shape relevant WEF initiatives.

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI)

Bruno Jackson, BT’s Director of Compliance represents BT on the WEF Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI). PACI has become the leading business voice on anti-corruption and transparency. It is creating a highly visible, agenda-setting platform by working with business leaders, international organisations and governments to address corruption, transparency and emerging-market risks.