Your chance to see the latest innovations in action

Multiple showcases, countless possibilities

We have a range of industry-themed innovation showcases at Adastral Park, each one jam-packed with new technologies and bristling with leading-edge concepts. They’re a great way to show developing technology in action and to test fresh ideas with customers.

The technologies on show come from a variety of sources. Some have emerged from our own research. Some are the results of work by other technology companies, including those clustered at our Innovation Martlesham hub. And some are the discoveries of our innovation consultants, who scour the globe for nascent technologies that we can bring to our business and consumer customers.

Many of the technologies you’ll see in our showcases will end up as products in our own portfolio. 

Step into a showcase

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You can visit any of our showcases at Adastral Park. That’s what they’re there for.

If you’re one of our Global, Enterprise or Business customers, just get in touch with your BT account manager. If you don’t have a BT account manager, email us at the Adastral Park Customer Centre.

Take a look at the 360 degree videos below – just click play, and then you can scroll around.

Connected Home

The Connected Home runs on a trailblazing consumer fibre broadband service, bringing to life the digital services that’ll drive broadband growth over the coming years.

Many of the amazing things you’ll see in the Connected Home revolve around the concept of smart homes. Here, myriad devices connect together and to the cloud, creating an environment that doesn’t just add polish to today’s way of living but paints a completely new vision of the future. But it’s not all about entertainment – this is serious technology that will give us all a better quality of life, whatever our age and circumstances.

Agile Bank

See how banks can engage with customers in different ways to encourage them to visit a branch. Some of the security innovations don’t just apply to the financial sector – they’re relevant to all industries vulnerable to cyber-crime. Like our ground-breaking research into quantum computing and its impact on securely transmitting data, for example.

You’ll also discover new thinking about contact centres. And it’s not just about improving the experience for people using the contact centres, we’re also developing technology to change the way people work in and manage them too.


The Retail showcase represents a typical high street store. It helps visitors to understand some of the challenges retailers are experiencing with the move to online shopping, and some of the innovations that can help them bring customers back into their stores.

You’ll hear about technology to help retain customers, incentivise them, and that provides a more personal experience (similar to the online experience), including some of the cool new things that augmented reality can make possible instore.

Connected Industry

Here, we pull together a number of innovations for the manufacturing, logistics, and related sectors.

You’ll witness various ideas in action, including technology that will help field engineers deliver services to customers; innovation in the tracking of people and goods across the end-to-end supply chain; and you’ll be able to explore the potential for the Industry 4.0 technologies to change how you manage your business.

Customer Experience Centre

A room where different partners solutions are augmented by innovations from BT. Demonstrations are separated into three areas: Collaboration - how technologies can be integrated together in a true complex multi-vendor estate; Cloud - to demonstrate the latest cloud technologies and their role in the modern enterprise IT environment; Network - the enablers for the eNSI (enriched Network Service Integrator) model.


The EE Showcase looks at how the network works, challenges faced, behind the scenes activity as well as disaster scenarios, partnerships and the future of mobile including 5G and the opportunities this creates.


This is our healthcare showcase, which brings together a number of innovations targeted at hospitals, healthcare centres and individuals wanting to improve their wellbeing or needing to monitor and manage their health in different ways.

The Pulse showcase is also home to the 5G Connected Ambulance demo. This brings to life how invaluable 5G can be in medical emergency situations: helping remote experts to swiftly diagnose treatment for a patient while they’re still in transit to the hospital.

The Street

The Street represents a typical UK high street with a mixture of Openreach green cabinets and DPs (distribution points or, as the man on the street might say, telegraph poles).

In this showcase, you’ll find out more about how the Openreach research team are leading innovation in faster connections over both fibre infrastructure and the old copper network, to understand technically how the new fibre infrastructure works and how we are looking to innovate how we rollout fibre.