Our business continuity approach is to:

  • Identify, plan, resource and implement actions that prevent or reduce the risk of disruption to key activities and services across all areas that fall within the scope of this policy.
  • Provide executive management with assurance that critical business processes will continue operating at acceptable levels by focusing on the availability of information and infrastructure.
  • Help align business continuity goals with BT business goals, provide resilience against disruption and minimise impact to BT in the event of a disaster or emergency.
  • Regard business continuity as a key organisational activity and maintain a comprehensive business continuity programme to implement and manage our information systems, business premises, employees and any other workers.
  • Deliver a Business Continuity exercising schedule that ensures our plans:
    • Maintain or rapidly recover critical activities
    • Maintain the availability of key resources to support critical activities
    • Prevent or limit the disruption to business products, services, employees and infrastructure
    • Review all prioritised BCM plans and procedures regularly  

We have established dedicated teams and resources to monitor, maintain and improve our BCM programme and align our approach to internationally accepted standards and guidelines.

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