BT Headquarters

For corporate enquiries only - call or write to us at our registered office:

BT Group plc
1 Braham Street 
E1 8EE

Registered in England and Wales No. 4190816
EEE producer registration number : WEE/AH0065TW

Need some help with a BT product or service?

Visit our online customer service help and support areas

Reporting dangerous or hazardous damage you see in the street

Spotted something in our network that's unsafe or damaged? You'll find all the info you need, and report issues, via the virtual assistant or by phoning:

Social media

Residential customers

Residential customers

Business customers

BT Group properties

To report BT building faults, or ask about the purchase of a BT property, please contact our Property helpdesk.

The property helpdesk is managed by a third party and are unable to discuss customer enquiries.
Please use one of the customer service options listed above.

Buying from BT

Please find below information on how you can buy some of BT's surplus assets.

Ex BT fleet vehicles

We have a range of cars and commercial vehicles for sale.

For more information contact our fleet solutions partner.

Selling to BT

For key information and guidance on the ethos of procurement in BT and how we work with our suppliers visit our Selling to BT web site.