Home broadband, mobile and BT Sport customers

The services we provide to our home broadband, mobile and BT Sport customers have never played a more important role, and we’re working hard to keep our customers connected.

Information for consumer customers of BT, EE and Plusnet, including data, contract and billing information, can be found at our consumer sites.

Many of our services are delivered by Openreach. Information regarding Openreach engineering appointments can be found here:

Customers should check these sites regularly for updates.

To help our customers through these unprecedented times, we’ve introduced multiple initiatives across our broadband and mobile products

  • As part of this scheme, we're distributing free BT Wi-Fi vouchers direct to schools, allowing those families and carers with little or no connection to access the five million BT WiFi Hotspots available across the UK. You can find out more about the latest initiatives on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) update site. Additionally, we offer BT Basic to eligible customers.

  • More than ever, it’s critical for us all to be able to get up-to-date healthcare information, so all of our EE and BT mobile customers can now access NHS online and the NHS Covid-19 app without using any of the data in their plan – even if they’ve run out of data completely. Calling 111 remains free for customers across the UK.

  • We’re also removing all caps on home broadband plans so every customer has unlimited data to use whether working from home, keeping the kids connected to school or streaming the latest films.

    • To help our most vulnerable BT landline only customers, we’re removing out of bundle charges for the most critical services, like UK landline and mobile calls, and placing a £5 per month cap so they can make the essential calls they need to keep in touch, without worrying about their bill.
    • We’re looking into how we can provide more peace of mind for those vulnerable customers using the EE mobile network. Please check EE.co.uk regularly for details.
    • Personal and local support is important for every customer, but no more so than our vulnerable customers and their carers – who we are treating as a priority. We have specialist teams trained in how to help customers with physical disabilities, mental health issues and a specialist dementia support team, who are doing their very best to ensure those vulnerable customers in isolation get the support they need.
  • We’ve got plenty of ways to help keep the family entertained at home, from our flexible BT TV plans to free video and music streaming trials on EE. Our teams are ready to add these as and when customers ask.

  • We know this is already a stressful time for customers worried about their finances, so we’ve put in place a dedicated team to support customers that need extra help with their bills. If a customer contacts us with money worries related to coronavirus, we’ll work out what works best for them. 

Business customers

We are committed to maintaining all of our business services to the best of our ability and are confident that our network is able to support the increased demand for home working.

In order to respond to our business customers’ needs and to help them stay operational during this period, we’re working hard to provide them with a range of technology solutions including:

  • Short-term upgrades to their enterprise network capacity;
  • Enhanced Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity to support increased remote working;
  • Extra conferencing and collaboration tools e.g. file sharing tools, to allow colleagues to work together as if they were in the office;
  • User support to ensure continued access and use of these tools; and
  • Call routing/forwarding solutions to divert calls to home phones or mobiles. 

BT’s Small Business Support Scheme

We launched our Small Business Support Scheme last summer – an unprecedented package of new measures to help small businesses thrive during and beyond the pandemic. BT’s Small Business Support Scheme consists of ten initiatives aimed at helping small businesses to boost their connectivity, cashflow and confidence. The scheme is well underway; we’ve already launched a bursary scheme for start-ups where they can benefit from six months’ free fibre broadband, mobile and digital voice bundles via our Halo for Business product; a new digital payments solution and a wellbeing toolkit for small businesses.

We’ve committed to pay our 4,500 small business suppliers within 30 days to help boost their cashflow, while businesses who are worried about paying their BT or EE bill as a result of the pandemic can speak to one of our specialist advisors who will find a flexible option that works best for them.

As part of our Skills for Tomorrow programme, we’re equipping small businesses with digital skills, for example by helping them to better protect themselves from cyber-attacks and using social media to better promote their business. We’ve also partnered with Digital Boost to help bring a free mentoring scheme to small businesses, to provide further support around digital advertising, marketing and strategy. Explore the range of value-added benefits that BT has put in place to help small businesses better weather the impact of the pandemic at www.btcom.ll-digital-sandbx1.bt.com/small-business-support.

We recognise that the situation is fluid and fast evolving, and that many of our suppliers will be affected to various degrees too. We’ll keep you informed if this is likely to affect the services you receive from us in any way.

We have appointed a dedicated team to identify critical items and suppliers and to manage key equipment availability where necessary. If there are any potential variations to the capacity and service you might need in the coming weeks, please do let us know about these as soon as you can, via your account or service teams.

Playing our part in supporting the national effort

We are working with our many customers across central and local Government, as well as the devolved nations to provide additional support and services to help them deal with the challenges of managing the coronavirus.

The NHS and public health authorities are facing immense challenges and we are committed to playing our part in supporting them through this crisis. Examples include:

  • helping hospitals and NHS Trusts across the country, including the Nightingale Hospital at London’s Excel Centre, with requests for immediate additional connectivity;
  • SMS alerts sent on behalf of GOV.uk to around 43 million customers on our mobile network with clear advice to stay at home; and
  • working with a number of NHS Trusts on video calling services to allow coronavirus patients in intensive care to speak to friends and family. This could potentially be rolled out nationwide if other Trusts and hospitals are interested and we secure more technology partners to support a wider deployment.

Our teams are working around the clock on these and hundreds of other requests to ensure we’re playing our part in the national response.

Using aggregate data in the fight against coronavirus

We are supporting a range of national public health efforts against coronavirus. At the Government’s request, this includes providing a limited amount of aggregated and anonymised network data such as generalised patterns in the movement of people to assist with planning the public response to coronavirus. No personal data is involved and individual users cannot be identified.

The role such data sharing can play to help tackle coronavirus has been recognised by governments, telecommunications operators and regulators worldwide, including by the body charged with upholding information rights and data privacy for individuals in the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

As we work quickly to support the public health response, we’re mindful that appropriate safeguards must be put in place to respect fundamental rights and freedoms – privacy chief among them.

Having taken account of ICO guidance, external advice and engagement with stakeholders (such as the Global Network Initiative), we have put in place a number of such safeguards. These include:

  • Oversight: we have strong internal oversight to ensure we take account of the legal, ethical, security and human impact considerations as well as regulator guidance in relation to the Government’s response to coronavirus
  • Proportionality: we only share the data that is strictly needed to achieve the Government’s stated objective
  • Time-bound: we will review our data sharing arrangement within six months and reserve the right to end it and require Government to delete the data, at any time
  • Transparency: we seek opportunities to explain how we are sharing data to our customers and the wider public, as we are doing on this page
  • Aggregation and anonymisation: as set out above, we only share aggregated and anonymised (ie. de-identified) data
  • No personal data: no personal data, raw data, or personally identifiable data is included. We ensure data is in a form that cannot be re-engineered into personal data
  • Security: we have put in place robust security measures, including monitoring access made to the data by BT employees and public officials alike
  • Terms and conditions: our data sharing is governed by terms and conditions agreed with Government. BT staff and public officials are put on notice of the restrictions around accessing the data each time they use it.

We will only share data with Government where there is a fair and legitimate purpose for such sharing in the context of the Government’s response to coronavirus.

These safeguards and BT’s wider approach to data sharing help ensure we are acting ethically and effectively to serve the national interest. The coronavirus crisis is fast-moving so where circumstances change, we will look for opportunities to discuss this with stakeholders and to update our customers such as via this page.

To stay updated on everything we’re doing to help you adapt to the current situation, head to:

If you are a Global customer, you can find more information on how we’re supporting our multinational customers at: