Accelerating growth through tech that is responsible, inclusive and sustainable

In nearly every aspect of life the pace of change is accelerating. Standing still isn’t an option. We can – and must - harness the pace of technology change for good. To survive, businesses must keep pace with change. But to really thrive, businesses must lead it but in the right way.  

That’s why we’re accelerating initiatives across our whole organisation to drive growth through responsible, inclusive, and sustainable technology. 

In this Manifesto you will find our own ambitious goals for change: our net zero carbon and circular economy pathways; our targets to help build our customers’ digital skills; our ambition to energise a more diverse digital talent movement. 

Now is the time to come together. Because only then can we gather momentum, aggregate action, and ensure that change is happening in the right way.

  • We aim to become the world’s most trusted connector of people, devices and machines. That’s a big ambition, but as a leading tech and tech enabler business, we know it’s not enough to minimise harms - we must connect for good.

    We’re expanding our responsible tech principles across our whole value chain, ensuring we develop, use, buy and sell technology in a way that benefits people and minimises harms.

    For good

    We’re investing in new growth tech that will help us live and work better.

    £604 million

    We’ve invested £604 million in R&D this year and launched a new Digital Unit to fast-track innovations in growth areas like healthcare, AI and data.

    We’re building a technology future that works for everyone by supercharging a movement to develop diverse digital talent by inspiring the nation into digital-focused courses.

    BT Accelerate Digital

    We’ve launched BT Accelerate Digital, our digital talent movement, to inspire people from diverse backgrounds to enter digital careers.

  • Our push to become a more inclusive business will never stop. And now we’re accelerating that change, by creating new skills, forging new connections and inspiring new talent. Not only will it help create a more inclusive landscape, but it’ll help us drive productivity, innovation and growth for the UK and beyond.

    Since 2014/15, we’ve helped 14.7 million people across the UK develop their digital skills. We aim to help 25 million people by 2026.

    4.6 million people

    This year, we’ve helped a further 4.6 million people improve their digital skills, including supporting small businesses, helping jobseekers through BT Accelerate Digital, empowering young people to get PhoneSmart and tackling online hate with Hope United.

    We’re leaving no home behind with our mission to provide great connectivity. By 2026, 25 million homes and businesses will have access to strong, secure, ultrafast FTTP broadband. And by 2028, our EE 5G mobile network will reach 90% of the UK's geography.

    7.2 million

    We’ve reached over 7.2 million households with full fibre, and extended access to broadband for low-income households through the BT Home Essentials social tariff and Openreach’s Connect the Unconnected offer.


    We’ve maintained the UK’s largest, fastest 4G network, and continued the rollout out of 5G that now reaches 50% of the population in the UK.

    We’re committed to build a diverse and inclusive workforce through our diversity and inclusion targets.

    Take a look at our Diversity and Inclusion Report  and Gender Pay Gap report for progress on gender, ethnicity and disability within BT.

  • Climate action momentum has never been greater, but the world needs us to move faster. 

    We’ve already switched to renewable electricity – and now we’re pushing further ahead, developing innovative solutions to speed up decarbonisation and build towards a circular BT.

    We pledge to be a net zero and circular business by 2030, and 2040 for our supply chain and customers.1


    We’re building towards net zero by end of March 2031.


    Renewable electricity worldwide.2

    We are building towards being a fully circular business by end of March 2030, and a circular tech ecosystem by end of March 2040.


    We refurbished or recycled 1.35m home hubs or set-top-boxes.


    Recovered or recycled operational waste worldwide.

    We’re driving technology shifts such as FTTP, 5G, Cloud Computing and IoT technologies – and in doing so aim to help customers avoid 60 million tonnes of CO2e by end of March 2030.

    60 million tonnes

    We will help our customers avoid 60 million tonnes of CO2e by the end of March 2030. 

    1 Net zero target for operational emissions (scopes 1 and 2) by end of March 2031 and end to end emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3) by end of March 2041.
    299.9% of the global electricity BT consumes is from renewable sources. The remaining 0.1% is where renewable electricity is not available in the market.

The BT Group Manifesto is taking us towards a bright sustainable future through technology.
The movement begins here. Join us.


BT Group Manifesto
BT Group Manifesto

  • BT Group Manifesto

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