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  • BT Group plc Annual Report 2020

    An overview and the detailed business and financial reviews for the year, reports of the directors including reports of the audit & risk committee, nominations committee, the report on directors' remuneration and the audited consolidated financial statements of BT Group plc.

    21/05/2020 - New pdf - 12.07 MB
  • BT Group plc Annual Report 2020 - Interactive version

    In this interactive PDF you can do many things to help you easily access the information that you want, whether that’s printing, searching for a specific item or going directly to another page, section or website.

    21/05/2020 - New pdf - 24.90 MB

The report highlights our progress in 2019/20 as we seek to step up our leadership in digital impact and sustainability and go beyond limits for our customers, colleagues and communities.

Form 20-F

Our Form 20-F was filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on 21 May 2020 in accordance with US financial reporting requirements. This includes the Annual Report for BT Group plc.