A corporate role at BT would see you constantly challenged and working every day to drive progress forward for a successful and global brand. The advantages of a career with us don’t stop there.

  • A wealth of opportunities - we’re constantly opening doors for our people. No standing still - no glass ceilings.
  • A global brand and business - with a presence in 180 countries, this really is a huge stage for you to excel on.
  • Reward and recognition - we shout about hard work and always make sure our people are given the acknowledgment they deserve when they deliver a standout service for our customers
  • Challenging work - who said this would be easy! But you’re the kind of person that thrives on a challenge. You could be an instrumental part in our progress story as we define the future of BT
  • Guidance and mentorship - we give our staff exposure to the right people and expertise that can enable them to shape successful and exciting career paths of their own  

You’ll find a range of careers across many different specialist areas. Scroll down to see what’s available. 


We fuel our business by providing an environment where our people can perform at their best. We make the employee journey special, from the moment you apply and throughout your career. Our success starts with our brilliant people and ends with happy customers and shareholders. 


Finance at BT isn’t just about numbers. It’s about connecting with people across the business, helping them to understand the value they bring, as well as the commercial focus that will grow our brand.

We’re a business that likes to play hard, but always by the rules. In legal, regulation and governance, we make sure BT works well with others, and that they treat us fairly in return.

Corporate services (Group Property)

We’re a team of surveyors, engineers, commercial specialists and facilities managers tasked with ensuring BT has the right bricks and mortar in place to run a dynamic business.

Real estate, property management and facilities

We’re the people who make sure our 7,000 global buildings run like clockwork. That means everything from providing a great welcome to visitors to keeping our buildings well maintained, clean and secure.  


We're the people who look after how BT purchases goods and services around the world in fast and reliable ways. This is critical to growing a profitable business. Creating sourcing strategies, mapping our internal partners' requirements to business strategy, providing category expertise or negotiating and driving significant savings.

Supply chain

We believe the way you manage your supply chain can deliver competitive edge. We look after how BT supplies our own products to customers around the world in fast and reliable ways. If you have fresh ideas about how to configure supply chains, provide customers with great service and create greater operational efficiencies, we’d love you to join us.

More about working at BT

Using the power of communications to make a better world. What we stand for and how we like to do business.

Find out more about what makes us tick. See what our people say about what it's really like to work here.

We're the world's most established telecoms company. We employ over 100,000 people in over 180 countries.

Help with getting ready for work and starting your career. Lots of opportunities for graduates and apprentices as well.

Our people reflect the diversity of our customers. Having people from all walks of life makes us more creative and innovative.

We're committed to providing great rewards for people who drive our success. Reflecting how we value their skills, experience and qualifications.