Hannah's shift patterns

Job role: Customer advisor | Loves: Living life to the fullest

  • Working earlies means I can spend time at the gym and still get home early enough to enjoy my evening.

    Hannah's shifts - week 1

  • I’m not exactly an early bird, so there’s nothing quite like knowing you’ll get a good lie in after a mid-week night out.

    Hannah's shifts - week 2

  • Knowing my shifts in advance means I can try out some pretty unusual activities I’d not normally find the time to, like dry slope skiing or climbing.

    Hannah's shifts - week 2

  • No matter what shift you’re working, you can almost always be sure that someone else from your team will be working it right alongside you.

    Hannah's shifts - week 2

Paul's shift patterns

Job role: Customer advisor | Loves: Spending time with family

  • My current shifts mean I can really maximise the time I spend doing nice things with my family.

    Paul's shifts - week 1

  • The early finishes give me an opportunity to keep up my interest in martial arts. I practice Taekwondo and I’ve even managed to get my little boy into it.

    Paul's shifts - week 2

  • BT have created a really supportive culture where people work together; if you ever need to swap a shift, there’s always someone willing to help.

    Hannah's shifts - week 2

  • Being a working parent can be challenging, but working shifts is a simple and effective way to manage the many things you have to juggle.

    Hannah's shifts - week 2

Jack's shift patterns

Job role: Sales advisor | Loves: Being there for his team mates

  • At BT, once you get your foot in the door, you can really go places. I’ve found that working shifts gives you the breathing space you need to think about your next steps.

    Jack's shifts - week 1

  • Choosing a mix of earlies and lates means that I get to work with all sorts of great people from all areas of the business.

    Jack's shifts - week 2

  • Having earlies on the days I play football is brilliant. It means I can be fully committed to my sport, which is definitely appreciated by my team.

    Jack's shifts - week 2

  • My shifts mean I can make myself free for my family too. I spend a lot of time looking after my niece and at family parties, which I would hate to have to miss.

    Jack's shifts - week 2

Faiza's shift patterns


Job role: Sales advisor | Loves: Taking time for herself

  • Working part-time for BT not only pays the bills for me; it means I’ve got four days to spend with my family and friends.

    Faiza's shifts - week 1

  • As a working mother, my family normally help out with childcare. However, thanks to the way the shifts are structured at BT, I’ve been able to rely on them less and less.

    Jack's shifts - week 2

  • When I’m not working, I’ll get together with the girls for a spa day or some shopping. If not for my current shift pattern, it’s something I just wouldn’t have time to do.

    Faiza's shifts - week 2

  • My husband also works shifts so it’s important I know what my shifts will be in advance. At BT I can see my shifts weeks in advance, which means we never have to worry.

    Faiza's shifts - week 2

What if you still have questions?

We want you to feel confident that joining us is the right decision. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of frequently asked questions that’ll help you to understand how our shift patterns might work for you. We can’t guarantee what your shifts will be exactly just yet, but we have a huge range of popular shift patterns that work for most of our advisors.