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Why choose BT Security?

Security is one of the fastest-growing parts of our business. It’s no exaggeration to say that millions of people in the UK and around the world rely on our teams to go about their daily lives and to run their businesses safely.

Security is part of our DNA. Our very own Tommy Flowers carried out ground-breaking work in encryption with Alan Turing during the Second World War. Today, our experts and our services protect nation-states, governments, FTSE 500 companies, and millions of BT customers. We’re ensuring that the world continues to connect safely, free from cyber attack, working closely with global law enforcement agencies and investing over £40m a year into research.

What sets us apart from our competition is the depth, breadth, and impact of the security work we do. So we need a diverse range of skills to continue building our teams, to face every challenge and preserve our way of life, no matter how complex the threat we may face.

A role at BT Security is the chance to do work that has a real impact. Make a difference that will be felt around the world, working alongside the brightest and best in the field, as part of a brand that operates at a scale that offers unparalleled development opportunities.

We Are The Protectors. Reasons to join us.

●     Incredible opportunities to learn, develop and grow your skills

●     A global company, with opportunities for international assignments

●     Strong values making you and your potential the centre of your career

●     An exciting and rapidly growing business - security careers are amazing

●     Join a huge team of talented individuals who are leaders in their field

Who we're looking for

We don’t have a type. We’re always looking for people who can bring new experiences and perspectives to our team. Are you looking for a place that values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn? And colleagues who are big thinkers and keen to make an impact as a team? Then we’re probably looking for you.

You might come and help us secure our own networks or those of our customers. You might help launch products through security testing. You might even be able to help us investigate fraud or cybercrime, working closely with law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Or help us market our products and services and sell our technology expertise. Whatever part of the team you join, you’ll have the opportunity to be a force for good.

Our apprenticeships set the standard for our industry. Giving everyone the chance to develop into an expert in cybersecurity.

And our grad programmes are a great way to push on from university. So you can build a career in business, sales or technology.

We’ve got internships (summer and industrial) from 3 months to 11 months too. Undergrads and postgrads can get stuck into practical projects and cybersecurity training. It’s valuable work experience and a taste of what a career with our security teams is like.

And if you’ve got some experience already, drop us your CV to or view our jobs by clicking below.

Portfolio and technology

This is the core of the security commercial team. Taking responsibility not just for launching, but also managing a wide range of products and services throughout their lifecycle. We test the latest innovations in our Cyber Assessment Lab to make sure they’re good enough to protect our customers (and BT). And if they are, this team makes sure we’re offering our customers the best of what’s available in the market.

Our Product managers give our sales teams all the insight, knowledge and understanding they need to keep them truly at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry. And we work on a global scale; supporting everyone from the local chip shop owner right through to multinational companies and even nations too.

Security operations

Any large organisation needs a centralised facility responsible for every aspect of Security, hardening the business posture from attack, this facility is Security Operations. Security Operations places real value in finding and adapting ways to protect and support our people, customers and communities.

The goal is to detect, analyse, investigate and respond to malicious or unusual activity that could be indicative of a security incident or compromise. We use a range of cutting edge technologies to do this such as Security Incident and Event Managers, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Cloud-based Proxies, Vulnerability Scanners and many more. 

Global secure solutions

The team cover all aspects of security, such as cyber operations, protect our own infrastructure and people (‘Protect BT’), architecture, design, implementation, sales and contracts. And they do this work for our most sensitive customers.

Due to the work we do across UK Government to protect critical national infrastructure, a level of security clearance will need to be held or obtained.

Architecture and design

When our customers trust us with the security of their networks, they need to be sure that they’re getting the best and most secure service. And that their requirements are being turned into security they can rely on. Working here, you’ll turn customers’ needs into reality, by designing the security they want, and making sure it gets implemented in the right way.

Risk management

Working in risk management means having to focus on all aspects of security risk management to allow BT and its partners or customers to operate cost-effectively, with a known and acceptable level of business risk. Practitioners will, with stakeholder involvement, perform vulnerability, threat and risk analyses and make recommendations to address business requirements and provide input to business decision-making processes.

Penetration testing

When you hear the term penetration testing, you probably imagine a lone genius performing arcane tests against some hapless piece of software. This isn’t really the case at BT. We do our penetration testing in a far more methodical manner. That’s necessary because our developers work just as hard to improve the security of our products and applications, which in turn makes the tasks of finding elusive vulnerabilities during testing much more difficult. BT has a strong team of penetration testers, and we have opportunities for the best candidates to join that team.

Sales and sales enablement

Security is big business. Our customers demand security in everything we do, and our salespeople support other salespeople across BT to make sure security is properly represented in the solutions they sell. They also sell directly.

Our technical sales specialists are clued up on security threats and risks, as well as security components and how they’re implemented. It’s a role that works directly with customers, so they need good interpersonal skills too. 

Governance and compliance

People here focus on all aspects of security governance and compliance. Practitioners establish and maintain appropriate governance, delivery and cost-effective solutions for security within a given organisation.

Physical security

This team exists to stop unauthorised access to our 8,000 buildings around the world. It involves putting measures in place to protect our assets; including our people, buildings, network equipment and information stored on physical media. All to stop attackers getting access to these assets.

Threat intelligence

These individuals monitor the threats on our physical and electronic estates. They also investigate fraud and crime committed against us or using our assets. Which means they’ll often work with law enforcement and act as expert witnesses.

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