Two-year graduate programme

Role profile

Product management is a vital function at BT. It involves ensuring the ever-changing needs of our customers continue to be met by an effective and profitable portfolio. It also means that the ongoing management of our products once bought is of the highest standard.

You’ll experience rotations across different products within our dynamic portfolio, working for different line managers. You’ll be helping us bring innovative solutions to market which allows us to grow even further and so, your contribution will have a direct impact on BT’s bottom line.

You’ll have real responsibility, working on a range of projects that could include the launch of new products, helping to win new business or supporting a product’s development roadmap. One day you may be helping a Sales Specialist with a customer opportunity, the next you may be working with our technology partners on how to best improve our product offerings.

You’ll be in contact great talent across BT, all the way from Finance to Sales, as well as working with our external partners. There will also be a structured development plan to enable you to become the best Product Manager possible.


London, Birmingham

Entry requirements

A2:1 or a 2:2 with a postgraduate qualification.

Starting salary