Located just 120 miles west of London, Bristol is the largest city in the south west of England and is a hotbed of art and culture. The streets are like a living canvas; Bristol is the city of bridges, balloons, boats, bikes, Brunel and Banksy.

The city is steeped in history and heritage sites, such as Bristol Cathedral. With a strong maritime history, its association with water is evident through the floating harbour and some of the best preserved boats in the country can be found in the docks.

Bristol’s independent and creative spirit comes from its diverse population and unique city layout. With over 91 languages spoken, every quarter and neighbourhood of the city is different. The LGBT communities in Bristol is certainly strong – making it one of the most diverse cities in the UK.

It’s also a real foodie city, fiercely proud of its independent restaurants, bars and cafes. Bristol’s rich mix of cultures is reflected in the different kinds of food available in different quarters of the city. Easton for Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine, St Pauls for Caribbean, Clifton for classic British and seafood or Park Street and the Triangle for some of the best burgers around.

You’ll find a myriad of pubs, bars and clubs for after-dinner drinks with an amazing cocktail culture.

Nightlife in Bristol is legendary. From its huge clubs hosting top DJs to underground live gigs, plus all manner of bars, speakeasies, comedy nights, magic and karaoke bars - this is a city that knows how to have fun.

If music is your passion, you can take your pick from the nightclubs in Bristol, where you'll find venues pumping with drum 'n' bass, dancehall and everything in between. Something a little more low-key maybe? How about an acoustic set, or a cider with friends on a boat bar, or G&Ts in a quiet corner of a cosy pub? (Locally-distilled of course). Whatever is your thing, we think Bristol will be the place for you.