Aaron Lodge tells us about all things Digital, including how he's progressed his career within BT and what impact the work he does has on our customers.

What do you do as a Product Owner?

As a Product Owner, I look after one of the many journeys that span the Digital team and it’s my job to ensure that my product is fully optimised, making it as simple to use as possible and also driving the most value for the business. The products that I now own, are the new sales pages for BT TV and BT Sport. I work with stakeholders to form a backlog but more importantly, it’s my job to empower my squad to find our own optimisations that helps to add value for customers and our business.

What does the Digital unit do?

The newly reformed Digital unit is responsible for all the journeys we own on our websites and apps for all three of our brands (BT, EE and Plusnet). It’s also responsible for shaping what the next 10 years look like for us in Digital - so our strategy to help us achieve our new mission which is “To be fearless, customer-obsessed creators who amplify growth.”

What’s exciting about Digital?

No two days are the same! There are opportunities to work on some exciting new projects across our brands. It’s a great place to be if you want to make a name for yourself and drive positive change for our customers and our business. The future is Digital, come and join us!

What impact does your work have in the business and/or customers?

The work me and my team do, has a direct impact on our ability to sell our TV and Sport products and services to customers online through bt.com. Across our TV and Sport buy pages, we average 41,500 visits a week, so that’s a lot of people looking in our digital shop window! A very ‘scary’ sounding but exciting role to be in!

What’s your favourite project you’ve ever worked on?

In the last year I’ve worked on the Halo 3 project, which is our more recently launched top-tier broadband package combining the broadband and mobile network to keep customers and businesses connected, always. Then more recently, I was working on a Cyber Security project focussing on how we protect our customers’ digital lives, which was by far my favourite.

What was your career path?

I started on the front-line, taking repair and tech calls at our Leicester contact centre, then progressed into an offline support role. I did that for a couple years, then I was successful in being promoted to a team leader position. I had the pleasure of working with the same team of 15 direct reports on the now discontinued ‘BT Tech Experts’ helpdesk for four years before getting the role I’m in now as Digital Product Owner.

How do you go from being a Customer Advisor to a Digital Product Owner?

Hard work! Customer Care is a fantastic place to start your career and I was lucky enough to have such a great environment in which to thrive in and I’ve also worked with some inspiring leaders. I progressed from advisor to an offline support role within two years, then after a further year, the operations manager at the time in Leicester, offered me a promotion to team leader. I was privileged to get the chance to work with the same team and department for four years on the BT Tech Experts team. I then applied for the Product Owner role, which was the best decision I’ve made in my career so far and I’ve now been in role for 18 months.

What transferable skills do people need to join the Digital team?

Definitely strong communication skills and experience in collaboration. Even though as a product owner, you’re not a line manager, you’re still leading a team who need coaching, recognition, motivation, to feel empowered and to feel supported.  

What is your favourite BT product?

My favourite BT product is (not biased!) the BT TV box. I watch all my favourite content using this product, namely Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic and in more recent times, I’ve been able to watch my beloved Leicester City in European competitions and even lift the FA Cup, all in glorious UHD on BT Sport! 

Is there anything that you would like to highlight from a personal perspective inside or outside of BT?

The support network within Digital is amazing. We have guilds that focus on employee wellbeing, recognition and even organising socials to keep us all going through the busier periods.

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