Aida tells us what makes her passionate about Automation and shares what she thinks of the work culture in BT in Malaysia.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I once interned at a company in Malaysia that built satellites and I soldered some microchips board that (presumably) went to space which I think is pretty neat.

How have you got into the Automation field? What inspired you to pursue an Automation role in BT?

When I was in my previous company, I started to explore using robotic process automation (RPA) for my daily work. I then started automating some processes for the finance department and showed the results of potential MYR 60,000 (+- £ 11,150) savings to management to prove the capabilities of RPA. The previous company was not so keen to start investing in RPA hence I looked elsewhere and found BT. I was intrigued with how important automation is for BT and I also find that personal, brilliant and simple is what I have always been doing. That familiar feeling is what made me pursue a career in BT.

What do you love the most about your role?

I get to help others simplify their work and make their work more brilliant, either by designing some Excel macro that allows them to finish a report faster or building a bot to help them perform a task. Sometimes it is not always straight-forward, sometimes they need to change their current way of working, but generally the automation work would give others time to focus on more meaningful tasks.

What motivates you at work? Tell us in what way do you find your work satisfying?

My motivation is finding joy in helping other people with their processes, making their work simpler and smarter.

I also enjoy working on developing bots and automation. Seeing the bot or process successfully run after hours of designing, developing and rigorous testing, and solving issues when troubleshooting, feels so satisfying.

How has BT helped you with where you are now career-wise?

I joined BT in August 2019 as an Automation Analyst after working in the same company for 8 years +. I have led projects and work groups before, and this year things moved in my favour; I was appointed as a people manager – and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I have learnt and am learning a great deal of new things in this role. I am grateful to have colleagues that are supportive and understanding, allowing me to grow everyday here.

How do you describe the culture in BT Malaysia?

Understanding and supportive. Everyone embodies the values of personal, simple and brilliant. Personal by being helpful, simple by not complicating things, brilliant by making the best out of the job that they are doing.


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