We spoke with Bikash Kumar Paul to uncover his journey through the world of IT, what his future ambitions and passions for his career are, and how he's got to where he is today.

Tell us something about yourself

I am Bikash Kumar Paul. I joined BT as a Managed Services Delivery Manager. I have over 14 years of experience in the IT industry starting from Service Desk in a contact centre, Operations Management and now into managing Service Delivery.  

What are your thoughts on BT?

It has been a remarkable journey so far at BT. BT is an employee friendly organization. Its culture and policies remind every employee that it cares for its employees may it be at any level. It has a transparent hierarchical structure, and anyone can be approached without any hiccups. Leaders connect regularly with its employees and provides organization updates may it be big or small. BT’s purpose “We Connect for Good” and values such as Simple, Personal, Brilliant explains it all about BT. It’s a true employee friendly and customer centric organization with a vision to contribute to a better world.

Taking about managed delivery and customer experience, BT’s main objective is to make sure we deliver right first time, every time and within service-level agreement.

What this means to our customers:

  • Customers come to BT with the faith that their problem will be resolved and solution will be provided.
  • They have the faith that they will not have to go round and round from one desk to another.
  • They have the faith that once they come to BT with a problem/query, they will return with a solution the very first time and with a happy face.
  • They trust that the money spent will be valued by BT.
  • Customers are always connected.

What this means to our colleagues at BT:

  • We make sure we don’t rush, would rather work carefully, slowly, and provide a quality service/solution the first time and not repeat the mistake again and again. Always learn from experience.
  • We make sure we take the responsibility and accountability of the customers problem/requests/queries and provide a solution rather asking the customer to move desks. We are OneBT.
  • We make sure every resource is skilled and provided with adequate exposure and knowledge so that they are ready to serve customers problem/query and return a solution to the customer rather than filling the customers with question marks.
  • We make sure every penny of a customer is well spent.
  • When we at BT are connected to our customers, it opens the doors to improve, share and care. That’s why we say, “We Connect for Good”.

Management’s role in creating a Customer Focused environment

Customers are a key to every business. If customers are happy, business will thrive and survive. If customers are unhappy, every business will fall. Meeting customer’s expectations and delivery requirements must be a priority for every business.

Keeping customers in mind,

  • We at BT try and think out of the box and create a customer centric environment.
  • Value all customers big or small.
  • Onboard skilled and quality resources and motivate them to deliver as per customers expectations.
  • Ensure that every colleague within BT enjoys what they do whilst keeping customers in mind.
  • We at BT are always open to feedback from level 0 to the top. We believe there is always room for improvement.

What does your current role look like on a day to day basis?

My role involves overlooking the Managed Services Delivery team under Enterprise India. My team and I are accountable for provisioning of LAN/WAN Solutions and Services for a number of customer-running critical infrastructure. I support the project managers and the account team pre-rollouts to agree best practices and resource requirement. My day to day activity involves management of the contingent workforce team with continuous improvement to ensure right first time for customers within the agreed timeline. We believe on time delivery in the key to become a customer champion and we thrive to achieve this on a daily basis.

On a lighter note, my day to day job also includes overlooking my 2-year-old son who tries to manage my office at times and my 10 year old dog who looks for my attention.

What do you love about your job?

I love the wide spectrum of my role – every day/week/month is different. As I respond to customer demands or issues through the account managers/service delivery managers/project managers, my crackerjack plans can get drifted, as BT needs to react urgently to something unforeseen. The challenges I face on a daily basis helps me learn and grow my skills. The happy customer appreciations that we see inspires us to do more and helps BT improve its net promoter score. 

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

There were many projects which my team and I have handled. All these projects are accomplished with great standards. The one most exciting project that I lead was to be able to achieve the goal of one team and work on the Challenge Cup project. My key role was to make sure I influenced the team outside of BT to work as one team and help us drive our projects. It wasn’t easy but with sufficient guidance and leadership, we were able to achieve a semi-final award. It was only possible because we worked together as a team which celebrated both ideas and differences.

What’s next for you and your team?

The goal for me and my team is to make sure we help BT upgrade its tools and technologies. This will not only help BT stay competitive in the market but also meet the challenging requirements of the customers. If BT grows, we grow as individuals as well. My team’s focus is now on technologies such as 4G, 5G, dynamic multipoint virtual private network, SD-WAN, and CISCO Meraki.

What are your ambitions and passions for your career?

My passion is to give my son a bright future and my passion is linked to my ambition. My ambition is to succeed in BT, and I am sure my passion will be taken care of - to be an instrument in helping BT achieve its ambitions and goals whilst accelerating my career through the programs in BT. To have a positive attitude, to be aspirational and ambitious and have clear roadmap and milestones to help me focus on my goals and organisational goals.

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