When deciding on a career, you’ve probably got a list of things that are important to you. You’ll want to know that the company you join will let you fulfil your potential, follow your ambition, and grow your skills. You’ll want opportunities and experiences to satisfy and reward you. You’ll want to feel valued and that you’re making a contribution to a great team. And you’ll want to be working with the best technology to explore your ideas and innovations. At BT Security, we take pride in being that kind of company. Building a great career here goes hand in hand with the vital nature of our work. We’re just as hungry for new ideas, skills and experience as you are.

Global challenges, global opportunities

Active in over 180 companies, opportunities at BT are truly worldwide. And at BT Security we’re a global team that’s trusted and relied upon 24/7/365 to keep nations, governments, emergency services, businesses and individuals safe from the growing threat of cyberattack. We Are The Protectors, dealing with the challenge of up to 4,000 cyber-attacks happening every single day.

We take the career development of our people very seriously. That’s why we give everyone access to a massive amount of resources to help them build a great career, and it’s why internal mobility and the opportunity for everyone to explore all areas of the business is so important to us.

Development from day one

Hannah Anderson joined us in 2016 as a Business Management graduate. Since then she has had a number of roles, starting in Solutions Architecture and Design, then onto Security Consulting, then Business Operations, and most recently she started a new role as a Commercial Cyber Operations Manager.

Hannah says, ‘Since my first day I’ve been supported to develop my skills and progress my career, via on the job learning and experience, formal qualifications and mentoring. The teams I’ve worked with have always been keen to share their knowledge and improve my technical understanding.

‘To complement my on the job learning, I’ve completed several security qualifications since joining, including a Certificate in Information Security Management Principles and CompTIA Security+. I’ve also developed my leadership and management skills through a variety of training courses available on the BT Academy website.’

‘I’m lucky to have a network of mentors who I can go to for advice on a range of topics. Our Mentorship Hub is a great tool to help you find a mentor.’

Varied and rewarding work

At the other end of the experience scale, Dan Coe is a Senior Consultancy Specialist in Security Advisory Services with over 20 years at BT. Dan has no hesitation in encouraging others to follow in his footsteps. ‘Security is an area that is consistently growing and there is a huge variety of roles to choose from and specialise in. The work is varied and rewarding, but it’s also very challenging. The threat landscape is always evolving, new technologies are always emerging, and threat actors are developing new techniques to infiltrate these new technologies. Working in Advisory Services means I have to stay on top of all of this. I’m very driven by problem-solving so being able to take a customer challenge and help them find the most appropriate solution and implement it is very rewarding to me.

‘The pace of change in terms of technology since I joined BT has been incredible, and as tech has changed so have BT’s security services and my role in delivering those services. Right now, I’m fascinated by the potential of cloud technology. More and more people are working from home and companies have had to rush to get remote working and cloud tech in place. That brings new challenges in terms of cyber security. This is cutting-edge stuff, complex and evolving, and it’s great to still be being challenged after so long in the business.

‘BT is invested in the success of your career. They don’t just want BT Security to be a success, they want you to be a success, and they will help you achieve this through coaching, training, senior management support and an endless supply of opportunities to improve your skills and gain more experience.

‘Even after all this time in the business I’m being supported and encouraged to develop. For example, I’m studying for my Certified Information Systems Security Professional qualification. It’s a globally-recognised qualification, and it benefits me, BT, and our customers for me to be trained to such a high level. The access to learning and the support to grow here is amazing.’

So many opportunities to explore

Debbie Armstrong is a Senior Cyber Security Incident Specialist with 6 years of experience at BT Security and 20 years in the business overall. Debbie thrives on her work. ‘It's fun, and there’s so much to explore here. I’m proof of that, my career journey started 20 years ago in a call centre. I now manage a small global team that focuses on preventing cyber-criminals, understanding how they operate and how we can best prepare to stop them succeeding.

‘I came to BT Security after several years in network incidents at our National Network Management Centre. I moved from customer service into networks because I was keen to develop my skills in other parts of the business. I discovered what they did, and I really wanted to be part of it.

‘I learned so much as an incident management team member. It built my confidence and opened up the door for me to experience five other roles and become a team leader before moving across to Security. My days are focused on trying to understand what new cyber threat might arrive tomorrow. Security evolves very quickly. Every day is different, it's very rare to get the same day twice. The amount of people you get to meet and collaborate with is huge.’

Choose a career that gives you access to the latest tech, a brilliant team alongside you, amazing opportunities to explore, and resources to develop your expertise. Choose BT Security.


We Are The Protectors.

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