Dipesh Joshi

Dipesh Joshi is a Product Owner within our Digital Transformation team. We sat down with him to discover what he enjoys most about his role, his podcast creation, and the impact his work has on our customers

What is your current role at BT and what team do you sit in?

I am a product owner working on the digital transformation for broadband and entertainment sales journeys. 

What do you enjoy most about your role as a Product Owner?

I enjoy working within a squad of diverse individuals from different disciplines to help create world class digital experiences for our customers. The creative process that we go through to solve problem statements is fun and collaborative. Our ideas are data led and I love that we can push the boundaries with our blue sky thinking, nothing is ever off limits.

How is BT innovating in the Product space?

BT have an ambition to create a world class product team. We have set our standards very high which means that we need to find new innovative ways to deliver value. Our willingness to rethink how we are organised to get closer to the customer has provided an environment to support collaboration across squads that are fully empowered to make decisions and fail fast.

The use of data science to create personalised experiences for our customers has been extremely beneficial for us. We have also hosted hackathons that bring individuals together to solve a business problem, this stimulates creativity in a different way from the normal day to day routine.

How much impact does the work you do have on the business and our customers?

The work we are doing will have a massive impact. We are drastically looking to reduce steps and simplify our order journey so that it is much easier for our customers to purchase our products. This will help us to achieve our business goals by best serving our customers. 

What is your favourite BT product and why?

I am a bit biased, however, I love our broadband and entertainment products! Outside of this I love the BT Sport app and more specifically the ‘watch together’ feature. This feature allows you to watch anything on BT Sport with friends. This was great during lockdown as I could watch all the football games with friends and family who I couldn’t see.

What is That DigiPod and where did the idea for it come from?

That DigiPod is the podcast brought to you from the digital team at BT which focuses on what it takes to create a world class product, people and culture. I came up with the idea initially as an internal podcast to help bring different cultures together from the three brands, BT, EE and Plusnet. The podcast started as a platform for individuals to tell their career stories then episodes soon focused on themes such as diversity and inclusion. I have always believed that those who have the ability to make a difference have the responsibility to make a difference, and now the podcast has gone public it will give some of the people in our organisation a bigger platform to tell their stories and touch upon important topics.

What’s your long-term vision for the podcast?

We have a great team that help put together this podcast. Our ambition over time is to be recognised as a reference point podcast that not just people from product can listen to and get inspired by but people from all different types of roles and industries.  

How has your manager supported you with this project?

All of my managers have been greatly supportive of the podcast. The digital leadership team are also really invested and regularly help me to shape ideas for episodes. My managers have all understood that this is a big part of the culture for our digital team and are always around for advice and guidance. 

What opportunities has hosting your own podcast created for you?

Hosting the podcast has given me so many great opportunities. I now speak at industry events talking about the BT digital journey and get to learn from lots of experts. I have done live episodes of That DigiPod with well-known podcast hosts such as Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes from The High-Performance podcast. I have also had the opportunity to host another podcast called the Early Careers podcast which focuses on what it is like to be a graduate or apprentice as BT. None of which I would have been able to do without starting That DigiPod. I also get to lead my own podcast guild which is fantastic this is a group of individuals who help create That DigiPod and spin off their own mini podcasts. 

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