Profile photo of Isabel
Profile photo of Isabel

We caught up with Isabel Scott who sits in one of our Channel Marketing teams in our B2B area of the business.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself Isabel?

Been riding horses for 18 years and regularly compete in show jumping competitions.

Tell us about what do you do and where in BT you work?

SME Channel Marketing Professional in our B2B area called Enterprise, working with Indirect Partners. I am the marketing contact for partners like Carphone Warehouse. I create their marketing and sales enablement collateral, run an online portal and I’m also the lead on Mobile for the Channel Marketing team.

Tell us about how BT has supported you to have the career you hoped for?

I left school into a finance role at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, after 2 years I realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I had always had an interest in marketing but wasn’t sure how to get into it. When this marketing role presented itself, I was excited but it seemed quite daunting to change industries. From Day 1, I’ve been surrounded by constant support, not just my manager and team, but from the company itself. From learning marketing, to understanding sales - BT has enabled me to see how other functions work together and promote/launch great products.

What’s been a recent proud work achievement for you?

Being the lead for Mobile on our team, I successfully led the launch of the Unlimited Data Plans within all SME sales channels. This is the first time I had worked on a campaign that was going above the line - it involved working with many different teams and agencies to get it out the door. Not only did I learn loads, I actually had fun doing it.

What do you love about working in your team?

I don’t think I could’ve found a more supportive team who like to have fun as well. Although we all have different roles, we always collaborate and are able to learn from each other.

What impact does your team have on BT and our customers?

We support all sales channels in SME (BT Local Business, Desk, Retail and Indirect Partners). We provide all channels with relevant news, product marketing collateral, sales enablement tools and general marketing support. Not only to our internal sales, but to partners and their marketing/sales departments as well.

What advice would you offer to someone like you who was considering a career with BT?

Although it seems daunting going into an industry without loads of experience, take the opportunity and trust in the support that is there to help you learn and grow. Once here there are so many opportunities to expand your experiences. The knowledge and people you come across while working here is invaluable. Six months ago I didn’t think I’d ever lead on a launch of such a big product so soon, but I’ve never felt more confident and supported.


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