Jasmine Kaur

Meet Jasmine and find out about her current project to improve BT's security capabilities, and how she was supported during COVID-19

Tell us a bit about what you and your team do on a day-to-day basis

I am managing the Project Management Office for the ThreatCo Programme and have over 15 years of industry experience. ThreatCo is our internal transformation programme, to build services where customers can feel protected no matter what changes within their environment. ​With the launch of the Eagle-I platform, which is known as one of our big bets for 2021/22, we will be improving BT's security capabilities too, which protect our services across the organisation and beyond. Our teams are involved in cross-programme coordination to ensure activities drive us towards our strategic goals, strong programme governance, programme incremental management and business change. 

What’s been your favourite project to work on so far and why?

It is the ThreatCo programme, the one I am on at the moment. ThreatCo is our internal transformation programme to build, test and deliver the Eagle-I platform and associated services. The programme has adopted an Agile methodology to help us deliver in a phased approach, which is all about working collaboratively in short sprint cycles. The colleagues I am working with are amongst the best I have ever worked and are incredibly committed. It is amazing to be a part of big wins and where you have a lot to learn under such an empowering management.

How has BT helped support your career to date?

It has been a significant voyage so far at BT. I joined our Security division in 2014 as a Service Delivery Manager. At present, I am in a Project Management Manager's position, hence you can understand the varied experience and growth I have received in seven years with all my passion, determination, and dedication. The changes in BT technologies and product launches give us a momentum to upgrade our skills. It therefore gives us the opportunity and support to internally grow within BT. I am also a part of different volunteering programmes for India and the UK.

What impact does your work have on our business and/or customers?

ThreatCo is part of our Ambition 2030 Programme that will give us the ability to revolutionize our portfolio by incorporating the unique position and data we have from protecting our own global network. ThreatCo will provide our customers with real-time, automated threat responses; it will be a key source of differentiation, with no comparable, scale, offerings in the market today. It will transform BT's ability to deliver its full suite of services, that give customers confidence that they are fully protected even as their threat landscape changes around them, including-

  • Determining a customer's current security posture highlighting vulnerabilities and critical issues
  • Benchmarking customers against best practice security posture for their sector & geography
  • Uplifting the customer to their optimal security posture 
  • Maintaining and managing the agreed security posture automatically across all components to enable customers to reprioritise their resources to focus on more critical objectives 

To make this programme a huge success, brilliant minds from different teams are working in collaboration behind the scenes. 

How did BT support you and your team during the Covid-19 pandemic?

When World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, BT supported all the employees with the working from home option and timely updates were received by our Chief Medical Officer about all the support services. Moreover, when there was an oxygen shortage in India due to the massive increase in Covid-19 cases, many colleagues across the company supported each other. BT India provided support like diagnostics including RTPCR testing, discounted tele-consulting with physicians, and medicine deliveries through the ‘Get Visit Health’ app. So, it was the tremendous support from BT and teams across the globe. For our health, safety and wellbeing, BT provided its employees with a suitable home working environment ergonomics furniture. BT embraced the remote work culture and employees became more agile and flexible.

What are your future career plans?

My future career plans are to grow with BT. Currently, I am upskilling myself with the ThreatCo programme. I enjoy challenges and look forward to opportunities where I will be able to undertake more responsibilities. I am also mentoring a few students via FastFutures at FastLink, a programme designed to support the careers of young people, whatever their background. My immediate goal is to continue to nurture and improve myself, both personally and professionally. I believe the best way to create the future is to: Act. Learn. Build. Repeat.

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