JR, New Business Acquisition Manager

We had a chat with JR to find out more about what’s happening in the sales world in the Americas, why a growth mindset is important and why he loves connecting with people across the globe.

What is your role at BT?

New Business Acquisition Manager - Americas Midwest Region. AKA - lead a new logo hunting team to grow our business.

What do you enjoy most about working in a Global sales team?

Two distinct aspects stand out to me regarding our global sales organization that I truly enjoy. First, interacting with people from all walks of life and hearing their stories. Everyone has a unique "how I got into this industry" story and I find it as a great way to connect with my colleagues. The second aspect is utilising our global presence to address wicked business problems in a hurry. I've found that you can accomplish a lot in a single twenty-four-hour period even while you sleep, if you ask good questions, empower your people and trust in their abilities. 

As part of the International Markets Hunting Team, what are you most excited about in the next 22/23 Fiscal Year when it comes for the Americas market? Any exciting upcoming projects?

I've been entrusted by the business with the opportunity to build a regional hunting team for the Americas Midwest region from scratch. This project alone is what I've been focusing all my efforts on, and I look forward to learning from and developing this new team throughout the year. 

What have you learned so far at BT that has been invaluable in advancing your industry knowledge?

Just like everyone else, one thing the Covid-19 pandemic did was force me to stay in one place and provide a little more free time in each day. With that time, I decided to volunteer as an internal sales specialist and take a deep dive into an emerging offering in the BT portfolio we now call Digital Manufacturing. I found myself having deep, valuable conversations that uncovered new opportunities with stakeholders I'd never previously thought to engage with. This experience reminded me of the importance of the pursuit of knowledge and that advancements in our industry are not limited to linear changes. 

Why does our D&I agenda matter to you and why do you feel it’s more important to have more women in sales?

Diversity and inclusion is an important matter to me because I wish to leave a legacy of developing a growth mindset that fosters inclusive and diverse behaviour in my everyday life. BT's D&I agenda stands as written affirmation that our responsibility as a company is to connect people for good, a commitment that we each must work to uphold. As a husband to my wife who I know has worked hard to succeed in her career in commercial aviation engine sales, as well as a father to a young daughter, I want every woman to have equal access to great career opportunities so that she can one day be supported to pursue her passions. 

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