Matt Taylor

We spoke with Technology Graduate, Matt Taylor, to find out why he joined our Carers Network and what he'd say to people in similar positions to his.

What does your role as a Carer consist of?

From the age of ten, I was a full-time young carer for a physically disabled family member. It is quite hard to describe what the role consists of as it really can vary - from emotional support, pushing a wheelchair, to running an entire household – it often depends on the day. In recent years, I moved for university and joined the graduate scheme here at BT. As a result, my carer role has become more part-time. Naturally, this has led to feelings of guilt and a pressure to make sure the right level of care is available at home when I am not present. I think it is incredibly important to recognise a lot of carers feel guilt, including those that are full time; we can always see what more we could be doing. Joining the BT Carers Network has allowed me to share my experiences but more importantly hear the experience of others increasing my understanding of how to balance between both roles.

Are you part of any of our People Networks?

Yes. During the graduate induction week, we were introduced to all of the People Networks, including the Carers Network. I immediately messaged the chairperson and a week later I had joined the committee. The network and committee are amazing, there is a diverse range of caring experience, ranging from full-time carers to allies. What we all have is a shared belief that we want BT to be recognised as one of the best employers in the country for how it supports carers. Currently, we are accredited as Care Confident Level 2 (Expected Family Contribution & Carers UK), which is a huge achievement.

How do you balance your time between your full-time role and a Carer?

I am in a fortunate position whereby my role as carer is predominantly part-time. For many carers though, like those with autistic children, this is not the case. It can be normal to have two full time jobs.  To help with this, the Carers Network helped develop the BT Passport. This is a simple word document which can be completed by any colleague who feels their circumstances could have an impact on their ability to work. It allows your line manager to be aware of your circumstances without you having to specifically communicate it.

What do you and your team do on a day-to-day basis?

As a technology graduate, I was placed into Digital within IT integration. Specifically, I am in the Application Programming Interface (API) Gateway team, who are responsible for the design, development and delivery of the API gateway. A good way to think about our team is that we connect the front-end systems with the back-end systems. I have been in the team a month now and have been conducting a usage report into an API proxy auto generator to improve efficiency. The generator was coded in house by a team member and has the power to take a day’s work down to as little as an hour. As I progress in the role, I am hoping to pick up the design and development for a specific project.

What do you enjoy most about working for BT?

I love the fact that my job is never the same day to day, and that it’s allowed me to bring my own values and experience to the table via the People Networks. I work in technology, but there are so many opportunities to connect with people across the business and get a feel for what different units are focussing on. In terms of my career, it’s great that I can spend part of my working week learning a new skill. Currently I am learning node.js, which is a runtime environment for JavaScript that exists outside of the browser. In short, it is used in most of your favourite websites e.g., LinkedIn. 

How has BT supported your career to date?

BT has provided me with access to several online education companies to ensure my career can be a constant learning journey. It allows me, as a new graduate, to work out what I really enjoy in the working world and what I can offer the company and my colleagues. I know I have mentioned the People Networks a few times here, but they really are great, and all have a senior member of staff within BT sponsoring them. These sponsors often get involved extensively with the networks showing that senior management have a vested interest in employee welfare. 

What’s exciting about Technology at BT?

We are at such an interesting point in BT’s history right now with a monumental shift from Telco to Techco. Also, we’re seeing artificial intelligence and machine learning become less of a science fiction fantasy to being real life tangible tech. I think one of the most recent important ideas is Philip Jansen announcing the new 888 service (walk me home). So, I will leave this answer with a quote from Philip to show what technology BT can do - “I am not a politician, I can't change society, but if I can use innovative technology to improve personal safety, then I am determined to do so.”

What would you say to someone considering a career with BT?

Don’t hesitate.  BT is going through a huge period of change right now and there couldn’t be a better time to join. I have never felt more welcomed by a company I have worked for and all the opportunities are there for you to build a great career. Moreover, our People Networks show how inclusivity is at the forefront of BT, the networks are all as welcoming and as educational as the next allowing everyone to connect for good.

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