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As the world starts to enjoy the incredible 5G speed and capabilities, we present you some of the graduates and apprentices who have helped build and roll-out our 5G Network.

Tom Culley

My team and I have been providing connectivity for PRTC (Phase Referencing Timing Clock) which is the technology that takes timing from GPS satellites and distributes them across the 21CN network to 5G cell sites. This incredibly fast technology is vital as 5G requires super accurate timing (accurate to within 100 nanoseconds) to be able to operate effectively. Furthermore we have been involved in the testing of connectivity to the new routers that are being provided at EE cell sites. This enables EE traffic to travel closer to their end of the network rather than having to pass through multiple BT sites.

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Stephanie Bally

I worked in the Converged Core Network Team at Adastral Park looking at 5G use cases where I helped develop a Ultra Low Latency 5G use case and presented a Mission Critical Demo – 5G for Remote Diagnostic (Using the Oculus Rift) and various different events including Christmas Lectures, British Science Week, Knowing BT, Young Scientist and The Suffolk Show (+ more that I can’t think of right now)! The aim of these demos were to educate all generations about 5G and show why we need 5G compared to 4G and what the capabilities of 5G will bring. (Ultra-low latency, High Capacity, Reliability etc.)

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Jamie Griffin

5G what a result! From provisioning circuits to onsite radio visits. It’s been great to get an in-depth understanding of how important 5G is for BT and our customers. I’ve shadowed numerous delivery projects and reached strict deadlines. My most recent on site visit was from our Radio Tower in Cherry Lane. I worked alongside Radio Riggers, running in cable and piecing together equipment which have high speeds off up to 80GHz. I over-looked our Radio Riggers securing themselves to the tower with the correct safety equipment such as, harnesses, helmet, boots and clothing. In some cases, even roads had to be closed off to ensure equipment was installed without delay which truly shows how important our next generation of mobile communication is.

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Christos Pieris

First time I got my hands on 5G devices was a couple of weeks prior to the launch, while testing live 5G network at Wembley for BT’s first commercial powered by 5G (an event where Special Projects engineers were helping out.). In a team consisting of: 5G tech vendor (Huawei), BT Technology/Consumer teams and the TV commercial crew, we were making sure that the live 5G network at Wembley would be able to broadcast a 360 degree live video of the FA cup final all the way to the receiving end in Mile End. All on 5G, on minimal latency and no interruptions. The commercial was successful and we learnt a lot about the capability of our network in Wembley and the potential usecases of the technology.

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