Monica Sisiu sat down with us to tell exactly what a career data in means, and why it’s something really important to BT.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what do you do for BT.

I’m a Senior Product Owner for Household Value Management squad and my role is to shape how the business will be steered by households as a whole, rather than individual customers of separate brands.

In essence, my squad is building the household data capability: define and measure the KPIs, to ensure we have a view of household flows and data is operational through automatized  dashboards. 

How did you decide on a career in Data?

Nowadays, data is key to shaping marketing strategies and maintaining customer engagement. To be on the competitive edge, we need to be using data to be able to make well informed business decisions.

Working in some of our marketing teams earlier in my careers and helping to support them in shaping their strategies, it was always key to embed as much data as I could. I had to hone my skills on how best to understand data science, data automation and data integration across different platforms. A career in data is helping me to be ahead of the curve in the market and it intrigues me to better understand customers and how we can serve them.

What do you love about your job?

Firstly, it helps us to better understand our customers, and how we can serve them in the best way possible.  We are creating cool data products and drive digital adoption across the business, which is really exciting.

Most importantly, I am working with very talented colleagues, keen to fulfil their potential, from whom I am learning every day.

What excites you about the future of Data at BT?

Data enablement is a very important milestone in BT’s simplification and modernisation. With access to digital data platforms, we’ll be able to be more agile and lean, as well as respond quicker to market changes and consumer needs.

What’s the best project you’ve worked on?

The best project I’ve worked on is Full Fibre Data Enablement. The squad created a bespoke data digital self-serve app with regional tagging features, for our Consumer Marketing team. We got rid of the spreadsheets and users self-served data from a modern digital platform.

What would you say to someone considering a career in Data?

A career in Data is a very exciting and innovative opportunity, and gives any young professional a strong boost. Data skills are becoming a key requirements for roles, not just for jobs in tech but in other industries as well. Working in data is a really great chance to set yourself up for a great career.   

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