Pooja Lamba

Senior Manager, Pooja Lamba, tells us what her role involves, her TechWomen sponsorship, and how tech has an impact on Diversity & Inclusion

What do you do and what does your team do?

We are responsible to deliver IT solutions / tools for the Global unit customer base - driving innovation and repeatable solutions to improve the lives and operations of our global business partners/customers. Our mission is to understand customer requirements, design, deliver right first time IT technology/tools to major/bespoke customers in the shortest cycle time, maximising re-use and minimising new development benefitting customer and BT along with introducing step change programmes as a part of better customer experience, automation & digital enablement. 

What impact does your team have on our customers?

Our team is accountable for digital transformation, tools/technology transformation as a part of digital enablement for our customers. We are enabling digital customer experience for over 800 MNC (multinational corporations) customers, carrying £5BN global revenue serving in over 180 countries. Our focus is to engage with customers directly and aim to deliver differentiated customer experiences, compelling solutions & enabling Insight driven optimisation of customer services. 

You sit on our Global unit which is going through a Digital transformation. Why is that happening?

Transformation is the need of the hour & playing a vital role in improving customer experience and business models. Digital transformation in Global, has started to turn our business around by focusing on multinational customers, removing risk, helping withstand our competitive strategy and investing in growth. More recently we have been addressing the need to radically improve our end-to-end processes and focus more on land and expand to deliver a standout customer experience, a richer colleague experience and better business results. Our transformation consisting of major programmes like SIMPLIFY, DigiCo and ThreatCo, offer standardisation along with a set of digital, cloud-based and data-driven services on top of a network. Today’s customers are about auto heeling, predictive, pre-emptive, business data analytics, etc. Hence digital transformation has helped us cope with emerging customer demands, survive in the face of the future & compete better in an economic environment that is constantly changing in response to technology evolutions.     

You sponsor TechWomen. Why do you think it’s important to have more women in tech?

Very proud to be associated with sponsorship for TechWomen in India, an area that is incredibly important. With women in technology, we have an opportunity to create a wider talent pool to tap upon talents and abilities of wider population, which can make a huge difference to our productivity and bottom line. Having both women and men in your teams means you benefit from the different points of view and approaches that come from different life experiences, customer demands, transformation needs. This is diverse innovation which can help create new opportunities and help retain existing by offering multiple perspectives. Women in tech also help promote enhanced collaboration, Improved staff retention, recruitment, and greater profitability following an inclusive culture that boosts employee morale. The benefits are endless. 

How can technology have an impact on Diversity & Inclusion?

Technology can help talent acquisition, reduce bias, diversify talent pools, and benchmark diversity and inclusion & help with HIPO (high-potential employee) identification and representation. Talent acquisition helps networks of diverse candidates, enhanced search capabilities to surface candidates by specific attributes, such as gender or background/ethnicity, text analysis to reduce bias in job postings, AI capabilities for highlighting data relevant to a specific job, Interview process standardization etc. The second-largest segment of the D&I technology is D&I analytics, easy-to-use dashboards for leaders, focusing on D&I stats, talent sourcing and selection processes analysis and recommendations. D&I tools helps mentorship and career advancement & has tools to find/flag/eliminate bias in performance feedback and recognition practices. Virtual D&I training is becoming the new normal for employee development/engagement/retention.

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