Sean McGing is a Procurement Manager within our recently launched procurement company, BT Sourced, and here he lets us know a little bit about his journey so far and how he's settled in.

Why should someone join BT Sourced?

BT Sourced is a new ground-breaking procurement organisation in the heart of Dublin which is a world-renowned technology hub & the headquarters to all of the major global technology players. I believe we are recruiting a diverse team of brilliant people with fresh ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. If you are up for a challenge & want to be part of something special, then BT Sourced is the procurement organisation to be.

What was your first day with BT Sourced like?

My first day confirmed why I decided to join BT Sourced, I could see from the outset the vision for the organisation & could get a good feel as to where I sat within this journey. I could see from very early on the strategic vision & the entrepreneurial nature of my peers, this was inspiring.

What excites you the most about the future of BT Sourced?

The future of BT Sourced excites me because it will play a major role in BT’s transformation, drawing on the best technology and people to speed up and simplify the way we manage BT’s third party spend worldwide. For our fast-track transformation, we’re using tools based on AI, robotics, blockchain, deep learning and machine learning, these new platforms are giving us the insights to make fast, data-driven decisions that benefit everyone throughout our supply chain. We are also using our influence, technology and reach to inspire and enable wider action to tackle the climate emergency – with our customers & suppliers.

What impact does your work have in the business and/or customers?

I would say that procurement as a whole is vital to BT in delivering savings to the bottom line, therefore enabling the business to finance large projects like 5G & fibre rollout. My team also contributes to BT’s ability to deliver income by negotiating improved supplier terms, enabling the sales function to be more competitive than our competitors & deliver improved margins. 

What’s your favourite project you’ve ever worked on?

My favourite projects are always the ones that are the most complex & difficult but give you the most sense of achievement. I would have to say my favourite project was rollout of the National Broadband rollout in the Republic of Ireland in 2009, the main reasons for this revolve around the tight deadlines to deliver, the complexity & the camaraderie of the team during the successful delivery of the project. 

What was your career path?

I started off in Sales, mostly in the Telecoms sector, working for ESAT Telecom before they were acquired by BT in the early 2000’s, I then decided to travel for a couple of years in New Zealand & South America. I returned to Dublin & took up a sales job in a Wireless Broadband company where I eventually moved into a site acquisition role, this role took me back to BT Ireland once again where I spent 8 years in site acquisition & project management mostly, with the final year as a procurement manager. I have continued in procurement ever since then with roles in Verizon & Aptiv, finally returning to BT for the third time with BT Sourced.

What transferrable skills might people need to join the BT Sourced team?

I would say that the most appropriate transferable skills are stakeholder management & project management. What makes BT Sourced people different is the entrepreneurial mindset, the ability to think outside the box and be an owner of your specific space.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy the diversity of the role, in procurement you are constantly working with various CFU’s, corporate functions & suppliers, no single day is the same as the last. The most enjoyable aspect of the job for me would be closing out on complex contract negotiations, but ensuring you are looking at the bigger picture strategically. I believe if you love what you do then you are lucky, it is not so much of a job, but a passion. 

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