Sue started her career by selling courses to lawyers. Now she manages content that lives on the BT and EE web pages.

What do you and your team do?

My team and I work in the Enterprise division, in SME Sales. We deliver content for any new or existing web pages on both BT and EE. The aim is for content to be clear, easy to read and customer focused. But to also consider the strategy around that piece of content - why do we need it, who is it for and what action do we want our customers take.

How did you get into copywriting?

Completely by accident. I was working in learning and development, and I had to sell legal courses to lawyers. I built a website and an email list and started selling the training courses online. Some of the courses sold out in hours just with one email. It didn’t take long to realise that I loved writing and that words are powerful.

You work in the B2B space. What kind of projects you’re involved in

Lots of things I can’t really talk about to be honest. We have tools to help us test our work on customers so we can work out what customers like. But doing content audits and reviewing the work we’ve already done is as important as all the new projects my team and I are working on. It can be new offers or deal, new product launches or just breaking down a customer journey and looking at each step.

What is your day to day like?

I’ve come into a new role so it’s being shaped all the time. But usually, supporting my Content Designers so they have what they need to deliver on sprints, helping with content on projects and offering guidance to other teams on content strategy and writing the words themselves.

How does your work impact the business and the customers?

Content has such a huge role to play for BT and its customers. Using the right words at the right time can really make a difference to the business and to customers.

We want to give people a solution to a problem, so they buy from BT. We want to make that journey as easy as possible. Content, along with great UX and UI, can achieve that. Once they’re a customer, our help content is still supporting them. And once again when their contract is up, we use content to capture their business again.

How would you describe the culture of the team?

The Design Chapter has some very experienced and knowledgeable people in it. The culture is to use those skills to support across all areas of the business – whether from a content point of view, or from a UX and UI perspective.

It’s growing quickly and we’re bringing in some exciting new talent, so the team culture is always adapting and changing. But mostly I’d say it’s inclusive, collaborative and exciting.  

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