What is BT Cloud Sync and where do I find it?

If you want to keep a file in sync across all your devices, save it in the BT Cloud Sync folder. Changes made to a document or file on one device are automatically made to the version in BT Cloud Sync.

Working on a document at home and on a library computer? Instead of transferring multiple versions between your devices, you can just save the file to your BT Cloud Sync folder. Your edits will be visible on all other devices attached to your BT Cloud and via www.btcloud.bt.com. If you delete content from a computer, that file in BT Cloud Sync will also be deleted.

How to access the BT Cloud Sync folder

Inside the BT Cloud Sync folder is a folder for each smartphone or tablet that's connected to BT Cloud. These hold everything that's been backed up to BT Cloud from these devices.

You can add files or folders directly to the BT Cloud Sync folder, which acts a bit like a virtual USB stick. You can find the BT Cloud Sync folder directly within your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. You can also access the BT Cloud Sync folder via the BT Cloud app or online at www.btcloud.bt.com. The BT Cloud Sync folder is automatically added to the Personal folder section in the Start menu and under "Users" in your C:Drive. Simply copy and paste the files you want to add.

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