How much storage capacity do I get in BT Cloud and can I buy more?

BT Cloud is exclusively available for free to all our BT Broadband customers.

What you get

Depending on your broadband package, you'll get 10GB, 200GB or 1000GB free. To check your free allowance:

  1. Go to and log in with your BT ID username and password
  2. Click on the BT Cloud panel
  3. Scroll down the page to see a section called Your BT Cloud Usage. This shows you what your storage allowance is and how much you've used

How to buy more

If you want more space, you can buy one of our storage upgrades:

  • an extra 50GB for only £3 a month
  • an extra 500GB for only £9 a month

Extra storage is added to your free inclusive storage allowance and, when you upgrade, the first month is free. For example, if you have 10GB inclusive storage and you buy an extra 50GB for £3 a month, you'll have 60GB BT Cloud storage in total.

Remember that by storing your content in BT Cloud, it's protected even if your computer fails, you lose your phone or your hard disk gets damaged at home.

Buy more storage >

Need to free up some space?

When you're running out of storage you'll see a notification from your PC or Mac software, mobile app, or when you log in to BT Cloud on the web. Once you’ve reached your storage limit, you won’t be able to add any more files to BT Cloud Sync, and your auto backup may not be able to keep track of changes or additions to your backed up files.

If you don't want to increase your storage allowance, you'll need to reduce the number of files you've got on BT Cloud:

  1. Log in to BT Cloud at >
  2. Select files you don't want to store on BT Cloud anymore, then go to the More menu and click Delete. Any files you remove will be sent to your Deleted Items folder
  3. Because files in your Deleted Items still count towards your storage allowance, you now need to Empty Deleted Items to remove them permanently
  4. Make sure you've chosen the right files to get rid of as once they're gone, they're gone. Alternatively, you can select and then remove individual files from within the Deleted Items view

Keeping track of your usage

As well as checking your usage at, you can also use the quick-reference Cloud icon at the bottom left of the screen, which shows you what percentage of your storage quota you have used.

To get more detail, simply click or touch the 'cloud' icon and it will open a more detailed view.

BT Cloud Info usage display

The view shows the total amount of space you have available and how much you've used, both as a number and a percentage. As files in Trash still count towards your total usage, the amount of data in Trash is also shown.

You can get more storage space by selecting Manage BT Cloud or Get More Space.

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