How much storage do I get in BT Cloud?

How much cloud storage do I get?

That depends which broadband package you have. To find out

  1. Log in at 
  2. Click Manage
  3. Scroll down to Your BT Cloud Usage.

You'll see your allowance and usage.


How do I free up space?

When you're running out of storage you'll get a notification from your PC or Mac software, mobile app, or when you log in to BT Cloud on the web.

To delete some files and free up space

  1. Log in at >
  2. Select files you don't want, go to the More menu and click Delete
  3. Files you've deleted still count towards your storage allowance, so click Empty Deleted Items

Be careful, as you can't retrieve items once they're deleted.


Can I track my usage on the BT Cloud app?

Yes, click the All files tab. Right at the top you'll see usage and allowance.

To check how much storage your items are using, click any file and the items will appear with sizes below.


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