Improve your wi-fi with BT - a checklist

Wi-fi (or wireless) is simply a way of getting broadband anywhere in your home without using wires.

Our latest BT Hubs have dual-band wi-fi. This means there are two separate wireless channels for your devices to use, so you can connect more devices without affecting performance.

  • 2.4GHz gives you the best coverage when you're a few rooms away from your Hub
  • 5GHz gives you the fastest speed when you're in the same room or one room away from your Hub

Here are a few things you can do to help even old wireless devices get a more powerful wi-fi connection.

How to get set up

It's vital to put your BT Hub in the right place - ideally near to where you most use the internet. Solid surfaces like walls, doors, wardrobes and cupboards will all affect your wi-fi signal, so follow our tips to get the best signal.

Sometimes though, an Openreach modem is installed in a particular place and can’t be moved. If that’s the case, and you’re not getting strong connection everywhere, you can use Powerline Adapters or consider Complete Wi-Fi (below) which guarantees wi-fi signal in every room of your house.


Position your Hub in the middle of your home



Improve your wi-fi - a checklist


If you put your Hub in a central location, you'll reduce the number of walls slowing down your signal. This means you can get better wi-fi in more places in your home


  • Move it away from the window


Improve your wi-fi - a checklist

  • If you put your Hub next to a window, half of your signal will be sent outside. That's bad news for the wi-fi coverage around your home

  • Keep it on show

    If you put your Hub in a cupboard, you'll reduce your wi-fi performance. The effect is less than going through a wall - but it'll still slow down your speed and reduce how far your signal can go

  • Get your Hub off the floor on to a shelf or table

Improve your wi-fi - a checklist

  • Think of your wi-fi signal like light from a light bulb. If you put your Hub on the floor, a large amount of your signal will be immediately sent to your floorboards

  • Don't put it behind the TV or on top of a metal box

Improve your wi-fi - a checklist

  • Metal objects reflect and scatter your signal

  • Keep it away from the fish!

Improve your wi-fi - a checklist

Wi-fi can't swim! The wi-fi signal gets swallowed up by water so you'll significantly reduce how far your wi-fi can go

Get the latest BT Smart Hub At BT we're always improving our Hubs. Our latest Smart Hub gives you the UK's most powerful wi-fi signal compared to other providers, with a superfast, reliable wi-fi connection in more places around your home. You can get one by upgrading your broadband package.

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The speed of your home wi-fi also depends on your device. Typically the newer and more powerful your device the faster the wireless speed it will support. The most recent smartphones have the potential to handle double the wi-fi speeds of those from 2013.

Remember when you would always turn off your computer or laptop after using it? We rarely do this now with newer devices like tablets and smartphones, but actually they need a break too.

Having a device connected all the time can cause your connection to become 'tired'.

  • Turn off wi-fi on your device (or put it in airplane mode for a few seconds) then switch the wi-fi back on
  • Restarting your devices once in a while will help you get the best connection to your home's wi-fi

Improve your wi-fi - a checklist

Your network can become crowded when lots of devices connect to it at the same time. If you keep Smart Wireless turned on, your Hub will automatically move your devices to wireless channels with less interference. If you aren't using a device, it's always good to turn it off and give it a break. And this will help free up your wi-fi for the devices you are using.

Learn about Smart Wireless >

Using an Ethernet cable will also mean you get the best connection and fastest speeds.

The My BT app is the quickest and easiest way to get help when you need it, with helpful FAQs and live updates on our services in your area. It also lets you restart your BT Hub remotely and track any faults you've raised.

Download the My BT app >

Complete Wi-Fi extends your Hub's signal with Wi-Fi discs so you can get online throughout your home.

If you get Halo with Complete Wi-Fi, we'll automatically send you our new generation Smart Hub 2 and one Wi-Fi disc to extend the wi-fi signal around your home. This is enough for most homes to get a signal everywhere. If this doesn't give you a signal in every room, we'll send up to two more Wi-Fi discs free of charge.

Learn more about Complete Wi-Fi >


Still need help?

For more advice on how to get the best from your BT Hub, visit Help for Hubs >

Or, if you’ve got one of our older Hubs why not buy our latest BT Smart Hub? >


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