Who are the Home Tech Experts and how do I arrange a visit?

BT Home Tech Experts are specialists in BT devices, TV, wi-fi technology and online security.

If you’re having a BT technical issue or there’s a fault in your service, Home Tech Experts can help with a home visit or contactless visit.

For speedy resolution, first check out our Online troubleshooter. This will solve most straightforward problems.

If this doesn’t solve your broadband or wi-fi problem, and we believe the fault is within your home, then we’ll send a Home Tech Expert to get it resolved in a 2 hour slot to suit you, at no extra cost.

Yes. If you have Halo a Home Tech Expert set up visit is included in your service. When you place your order you can select an appointment in a 2-hour slot 7 days a week.

If you don’t have Halo you can still book a Home Tech Expert, as part of an order or if you're moving house, to help you get set up.  There will be a one-off £40 charge.

Yes. A Home Tech Expert can help you do things like set up your TV box and sort out your channel settings. If you have Halo this is included in your service, and can be selected when you order BT TV.

If you don’t have Halo you can still book a Home Tech Expert visit as part of your order or if you're moving home, to help you get set up. There will be a one-off £40 charge for one TV, or £60 if you need two TV boxes setting up.

You can book your appointment for a 2-hour slot that works for you, 7 days a week. The Home Tech Expert will arrive during the 2-hour window.

How long the visit takes will depend on the issue. A typical visit takes 30-45 minutes, but it could be more or less depending on what work needs doing.

After your appointment, the Home Tech Expert will call to check everything’s working fine. This will be later on the same day as your appointment. They can answer any other questions you have or give further advice then.


If you have Halo, you’ll get a Home Tech Check included every year to make sure your wi-fi connection and TV are optimised to give you the best possible experience.

If you have Halo, as part of your service, you will be offered a yearly check-up of your BT home tech. Your Home Tech Expert will help with things like:·

  • Locating your Smart Hub to get the strongest wi-fi signal
  • Setting up the My BT app and running a connection speed test
  • Identifying any coverage black spots and advising on the best solutions
  • Reviewing BT security services to make sure your devices are protected online
  • Managing your family’s screen time and keeping your kids safe online

You can change or cancel your appointment any time before our expert arrives.

Simply visit and select “Track your order”, hover over “MyBT” and follow the on-screen instructions to amend or cancel your appointment.

Or call us on 0800 800 150 and we'll help you reschedule. We're open every day from 9am to 6pm.

On the day of your appointment your Home Tech Expert will call you shortly before your booking to check it's still convenient. If you need to, you can change the time during this call, or contact us on the number above.

Ideally yes, because sometimes in order to fix whatever issue you're having our expert will need your permission to do the necessary task.

If you can't be there, you'll need someone who is over 18 and able to make decisions on your behalf to be home. If that isn't possible, please change your appointment to another time.

Yes. Our first priority is keeping you and our Home Tech Experts safe. 

So before the visit, your Expert will call to make sure nobody in your home has Covid symptoms. They will also talk you through the two types of visit you can choose from: 

Contactless in-home visit 

If you would like an in-home visit, and we think it’s safe, your Home Tech Expert will come in wearing indoor PPE like gloves and a face shield. They will try to stay 2 meters away from you and your family.  

Contactless outdoor visit

If you’re shielding, or would prefer to be extra safe, we can still help with BT broadband and TV setup.  Your expert will call when they arrive and then place any BT equipment (e.g., hub or TV set top box) at a safe distance.  The expert will then guide you through your setup via video call or over the phone while staying outside.

Yes. And if your problem is with wi-fi, we’ll make sure you stay connected in the meantime.

If you’re a BT mobile customer, we’ll give you unlimited mobile data.

If you have an EE mobile, we’ll give you an extra 50GB of data.

And for everyone else, we’ll send a 4G Mini Hub to get you back online until it’s safe for us to fix the problem in person.

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