What is Hybrid Connect?

Hybrid Connect is the UK's first unbreakable wi-fi. With it you get BT's hybrid broadband backed up by EE's mobile network.


How does it work?

Hybrid Connect works hand in hand with your Smart Hub 2 to automatically connect you to the EE mobile network if needed.

The lights on the front of Hybrid Connect show you its status.

If your broadband is working well, the central light and 4G signal bands will be blue (as will the light on your Smart Hub). This means it is ready to connect your Smart Hub to the mobile network if your broadband cuts out.

If your broadband has cut out, the Hybrid Connect device will kick in.

After a couple of minutes, its 4G signal bars will turn white, indicating the device is using mobile data. In this situation, the light on your Smart Hub will turn purple. This shows that it’s using our mobile network with the help of your Hybrid Connect device.

If you're a new customer whose broadband hasn't started yet, your Hybrid Connect device will use the EE mobile network to get online. The 4G signal bars will be white and the light on your Smart Hub will be purple.


How fast will my connection be with Hybrid Connect?

Hybrid Connect uses the EE mobile network to give you a connection of up to 30 Mbps (download speed) and 5 Mbps (upload speed). But your speed might vary depending on the mobile signal to your Hybrid Connect and how busy the network is.  

Most things you do online work fine with Hybrid Connect - e.g., browsing, streaming, smart TVs, smart doorbells (Ring) and smart thermostats (Hive and Nest) should all work well.

If your connection is slow, try moving your Hybrid Connect to get a better signal.


Will Hybrid Connect affect my landline, BT TV or BT Sport?

Unfortunately, when you're connected via Hybrid Connect to the mobile network, your Digital Voice landline won't work. If you have to make a call you'll need to use your mobile.

Any extra TV channels (subscription channels) you get through your set top box won't work either.

But you can still watch this content on your TV app, and you can watch BT sport via BT Sport app.

Freeview channels and streaming channels aren't affected by Hybrid Connect.



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