BT Sport red button service

When great sport events clash, the red button service lets BT Sport broadcast extra events. You'll see a message on-screen to tell you when red button programmes are available. To watch, Sky viewers press red on their remotes, BT TV viewers switch to channel 527 (BT Sport Extra).


BT Sport Connected Red Button is a new service offering an enhanced experience to BT TV YouView customers. Specifically designed for Champions League, it gives access to a wealth of on-screen BT Sport football statistics for our best-ever interactive football viewing experience.

What is BT Sport Connected Red Button?What is BT Sport Connected Red Button?



Do BT Sport red button programmes appear in the channel guide?

Only if viewing over BT TV. You'll find the red button programmes on channel 527 (BT Sport Extra). They should also show up in your programme searches, or if you filter on 'Sport'.

Can I record BT Sport red button programmes?

Only if viewing over BT TV. Simply press the 'Record' button on your remote when watching a red button programme. You can also schedule recordings of BT Sport red button programmes from your Channel Guide, as well as record a BT Sport red button event whilst watching another BT Sport broadcast.

How do I close the red button service?

Sky viewers press the 'Back' button twice, BT TV viewers simply switch to the new channel you wish to watch.

I'm watching BT Sport over Sky but can't see the red button on-screen?

Please check your Sky set top box software is up to date. See your Sky user guide or online guidance on how to do this.

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