BT Sport Watch Together

The new Watch Together feature on BT Sport allows you to enjoy the game with friends with an integrated video-chat on the BT Sport app available on iOS (devices that support iOS 12.0 and above) and Android (devices that support Android version 6).

With Watch Together you can invite up to three other BT Sports customers to watch with you through a shared link. You have the option of watching in split-screen mode, with your friend’s videos to one side, or full-screen mode to focus on the game.

This feature is available to use on mobile and tablet devices only and is currently in beta mode.


How to set up

When you are accessing live content to watch with friends, ensure you choose the standard player. Then select the Watch Together icon in the top-right corner.

View of Watch Together feature on BT Sport

Then us the invite friends button in the bottom-right corner to send an invite.


Watch Together navigation

  1. Main video volume control
  2. Video chat volume control
  3. Your video
  4. Full-screen mode
  5. Turn camera off and on
  6. Turn microphone off and on



Slow or sped up video or audio

Your video might run at a different speed to sync with other streams. This should take no longer than 45 seconds or so.

Watch Together icon not working

Make sure your phone supports the feature. it is only available on Android version 6 and above, and iOS 12.0 and above.

The feature may be unavailable due to a technical fault or particularly heavy traffic so try again later.

Camera video the wrong way around

Make sure auto-rotate is enabled on your phone then turn your device between portrait and landscape mode to get your video the right way up.

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