BT Sport over broadband explained

Like On Demand programmes, BT Sport channels on BT TV are delivered to your TV through your broadband connection. This means you've got to have your broadband up and running before you try and tune in.

To get the best picture it's best to connect your BT TV box to your Hub using the Ethernet cable. The ends of the Ethernet cable are often yellow and look like this:

What the Ethernet cable looks like

If you're Ethernet cable isn't long enough you can get longer ones from most gadget shops. Or you can connect using Broadband Extenders.

You'll see the channels in you TV guide. The easiest way to find what you're after is by filtering the channels. Simply press the Guide button on your remote> Press the blue button> Scroll to Sport and pick the channel you want.

Channel number

Channel name


BT Sport 1


BT Sport 2


BT Sport 3




BT Sport 1 HD


BT Sport 2 HD


BT Sport 3 HD


BT Sport Ultimate



450 - 455

BT Sport Extra channels

465 - 470

BT Sport Extra HD channels

Did you know you can also record BT Sport? If you have fibre broadband you'll be able to watch and record two channels at the same time. You could for example watch BT Sport 1 and be recording BT Sport 2.

If you don't have fibre broadband you'll only be able to watch and record one BT Sport channel at a time.


Can I get any other Extra TV channels?

To get any other extra channels you'll need to have our fibre broadband. Check if you can upgrade to fibre broadband>



More help

The new BT Sport help tool is available to all sport customers. When things go wrong, it can quickly get you up and running again. Please click the link below to get started:


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