High Definition (HD) on the BT Sport App and online player

So what is HD? High Definition means that the picture quality will be sharper and the movement smoother. With Standard definition (SD) you still get good quality viewing on all screen types, but HD gives you a significantly improved experience, particularly when casting to a big screen.

You can now watch the BT Sport App and online player in High Definition (HD).

Setting up the BT Sport online playerSetting up the BT Sport online player

Here's some advice on watching BT Sport in High Definition (HD) using the App and online player.


How do I choose a picture quality on iOS and Android devices?


  • Enhanced player - you can only choose the picture quality when you launch the Enhanced player, not when you're already in it. So if you want to change, you'll need to close the player and re-open it
  • Standard player - you can choose the quality within the Standard player. Simply click on the 'HD/SD' symbol while you're watching and pick the one you want



How do I choose a picture quality on Windows devices?

For a Windows mobile device you’ll need to go into ‘Settings’ on the app home menu and choose the stream quality there. You won’t be able to change it within the player.


Do I get HD on the online player?

Yes, all streams on the online player will be defaulted to ‘Up to HD’. There's no option to choose a different stream quality but if your connection speed struggles with HD, the automatic adjuster will stream the best quality it can.

The enhanced BT Sport playerThe enhanced BT Sport player


Will HD use up more data?

Yes, streaming in HD will significantly increase your data usage. If you watch a full football match in HD for instance, you could use around 5GB of data. Streaming in SD will use much less, at around 2GB.

If you're a BT Broadband customer and streaming across your W-fi, remember that data used on BT Sport won't count towards your broadband data allowance.


What if my Wi-fi or mobile data connection isn't good enough?

Whatever the speed of the connection, the automatic adjuster will stream the best quality picture possible. So if you choose 'Up to HD' but your connection isn't good enough, the app will automatically stream the best resolution it can. This might not necessarily be full HD.


What connection will I need to get full HD?

You'll need at least an 8Mbps connection to get full HD. Be aware that if other devices or applications are using data on your household's connection, this may mean there's not enough left for full HD; even if you normally have a good enough speed.


Why can't my device stream full HD?

Some older or lower specification devices may not be able to stream full HD effectively due to their screen resolution or processors. The automatic adjuster will recognise this and stream in the best quality that's possible on your device - you won't need to do anything.

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