Can I watch BT Sport on SkyQ and SkyQ Mini?

You can watch BT Sport on your main SkyQ box in exactly the same way that you can on any other Sky box. Just order as usual and give us your viewing card number >

You'll find that the SkyQ Mini box doesn't have a viewing card slot. This means you can't get BT Sport just for your SkyQ Mini. You'll need to have it on your main SkyQ box before you add a BT Sport Second Box subscription for your SkyQ Mini.

If you're looking to order a BT Sport Second Box subscription, for all your SkyQ Mini boxes, please contact us for more information >


If you have BT Sport and you're moving to SkyQ

When you move to SkyQ your Sky viewing card will more than likely be replaced with a new generation viewing card.

  • If you already had BT Sport on Sky and you've upgraded to SkyQ, your service on the main SkyQ box should've carried on. Sky may have sent you a replacement viewing card, which should already have BT Sport entitlement
  • If you find that the replacement card doesn't let you watch BT Sport, you can get help with swapping your Sky card here >



If you have Sky Multi-Room and you're moving to SkyQ Mini

If you already have a BT Sport Second Box subscription you'll have two Sky viewing cards registered with us. One will have been for your main Sky box and the other for your Sky Multi-Room box.

When you move to SkyQ and SkyQ Mini your BT Sport channels will still be there for you on both boxes, as long as your main SkyQ box viewing card is still registered for BT Sport.


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