Never Miss A Goal with BT Sport Connected Red Button

What is BT Sport Connected Red Button?

BT Sport Connected Red Button (CRB) enables BT TV (YouView) customers to access a wealth of on-screen football statistics for our best-ever interactive football viewing experience, exclusive to BT TV.

Specifically designed for UEFA Champions League, CRB allows you at a glance to see, understand and track every match in progress. A simple press of the red button rescales the main screen TV view and superimposes key match stats for easy monitoring of all the football action. You don't have to tune away from watching a favourite team, log on to a different device, or remember multiple channel numbers.

CRB also lets you watch BT Sport matches in full-screen view with on-screen pop-up alerts. These provide a heads-up on every goal as it goes in, and even allow channel-changes directly from pop-up alerts.

I'm a BT TV (YouView) customer. How do I access BT Sport Connected Red Button?

Tune to the BT Sport channel you want to watch. Wait until the red button icon appears in the top right of your screen, then press the red button on your YouView remote control.

Note: the red button icon will only display if there's a CRB-enabled BT Sport Extra programme currently showing on the BT Sport channel you're watching. You can find timings of BT Sport Extra programmes in your YouView Programme Guide (search for 'BT Sport Extra').

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