Why has my email address been suspended or deleted?

Your email address is generally suspended because:

Once suspended, you'll have 60 days to reactivate it and regain access to all your email messages and personal data.

Your email address is generally deleted because:

  • You haven't recovered access to it within 60 days of suspension
  • You're using a computer program or mobile device and are using the wrong settings
  • You or the BT ID account holder has deleted it in My BT
  • The broadband or Premium email service has been cancelled

Once we delete an email address, all of your email messages and personal data will also be deleted and can't be recovered.

It's important to note that email addresses:

  • Can only be recovered by the BT ID account holder >
  • Must be recovered within 60 days of suspension by us or deletion by the account holder
  • Will be permanently deleted after 60 days without further notice
  • Linked to a ceased broadband service can only be reactivated by taking the chargeable Premium email service within 60 days
  • Linked to a ceased Premium email service can't be reactivated

How to reactivate your BT email address

If you're the BT ID account holder, you can reactive your deleted email address by following these steps:

  1. Log in to My BT with your BTID >
  2. If you have more than one BT account, select the right account in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click on Package and then Included extras
  4. Your included extras

  5. Scroll down and from the BT Email link, select Manage BT Email
  6. Look for the email address, select the See Options link and then the Reactivate option
  7. Reactive email address

  8. You'll get a message saying the account has been successfully reactivated and can then log in again

Alternatively you can 'recover' your email address by moving it to Premium email >

This will apply if:

  • You're not the BT ID account holder
  • Your email address has been deleted due to cancellation of the broadband service
  • You no longer have a billing account with BT

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