Digital Voice: How do I use my calling features?


Managing your calling features

You can check your calling and network features by logging into My BT >

Or you can log in using the My BT app and click the Manage Digital Voice section.

You'll be able to see if you've activated or deactivated any calling features and change this if you want to.

Many of our calling features are included in our Digital Voice service at no extra cost and are activated automatically when you first take it:

Voicemail (BT Answer 1571)

BT Answer 1571 is an answering service that answers calls when you're away from the phone or engaged on another call. You'll know you have a message in your mailbox if you get an interrupted dial tone.

If you're using one of our Advanced or Essential Digital Home Phones, the screen will also show if you have any messages. And you can press the Voicemail button to get them.

For more information, see All about BT Answer 1571 voicemail >

BT Call Protect

BT Call Protect helps to prevent unwanted nuisance calls. By managing your settings, you can decide which calls you want to send to a junk voicemail.

If you're using one of our Advanced or Essential Digital Home Phones, press the call protect button to go into your junk voicemail (1572). You can also press this button when the phone rings or while on a call, to block the number and add it to your Personal Blacklist.

For more information, see BT Call Protect - 'How to...' guide >


Call Display

Caller Display shows you the number of the person calling, so you can decide whether to pick up the phone or leave it to your answering service.

For more information, see All about Caller Display >

Call Diversion

Call Diversion lets you divert your calls to almost any phone, including your mobile. Call Diversion can also divert calls while your phone line is in use.

For more information, see All about Call Diversion >

Call Waiting

Call Waiting tells you when other callers are trying to get through. You'll hear a discreet beep when someone is trying to get through to you while you're on the phone. You can choose whether or not to take the call.

For more information, see All about Call Waiting >

3 Way Calling

3 Way Calling is invaluable when three callers need to join a conversation. It's quick and easy conference calling - all three of you can have your say and there's no need to make so many calls.

For more information, see All about 3 Way Calling >

Multi Call

Multi Call is a new feature for Digital Voice customers. If you have more than one Digital Home Phone connected to your Hub, two people can make separate outgoing calls at the same time. Or you can be on the phone and another incoming call can still get through and ring any of your other Digital Home Phones.

This is great for busy households who don't want to miss important calls. But if you'd rather stick to just one call at a time, you can change to this in the Settings menu, under Line settings.

If you had any other calling features on your previous voice service, they'll still work after you move to Digital Voice.

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