Digital Voice: Will my existing phone and fax machine still work?

We recommend that you use our Essential or Advanced Digital Home Phones, which have been specially designed to use with our Digital Voice service.

You can order them when you place your order for Digital Voice. If you want additional handsets later, you can buy them from BT Shop >

They cost £49.99 for an Advanced Digital Home Phone and £39.99 for an Essential Digital Home Phone. We recommend that you stick to one type of phone.


Existing phone

You can continue to use your existing phone by plugging it into the phone port on the back of the Hub.


Fax machine

Generally fax is supported by the Digital Voice service, although it's not 100% guaranteed.

Try scanning the document and sending it as an email attachment, or take a photo of it on your mobile and send it that way.

If you need to use your fax machine, connect it to the phone port on the back of the Hub. It's best to send no more than ten pages at a time.

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