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Can I get free BT Sport with BT Mobile?

If you’ve got a BT Mobile plan costing £15 or more a month (with Broadband discount), or £20 or more a month (without Broadband discount), you’re eligible to get BT Sport included on your mobile plan.

You’ll get the BT Sport app on your smartphone only. This means you can't watch it on larger screens like a laptop or TV. And you can't Chromecast/Airplay BT Sport content, or watch it on the web player.

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Once you've signed up, it'll take up to one working day to get you set up.

How do I start using the BT Sport App?

Add BT Sport when you place your BT Mobile order, or add it online at My BT. Then you need to download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

To use the app, you'll need to enter your BT ID.

What devices can I use to watch BT Sport with BT Mobile?

BT Sport with Mobile allows you to use your Apple or Android smartphone to watch BT Sport, as well as letting you watch on two different devices at the same time for each.

If you've only got BT Sport with BT Mobile, you won't be able to use your log in details to watch BT Sport on other devices such as Chromecast and Airplay.

The BT Sport app is not available for Amazon devices.

Can I stream my phone to a big screen?

No, you won't be able to stream from your smartphone if you have BT Sport and BT Mobile only. For big screen access you can subscribe to BT Broadband, BT TV or add just the BT Sport channel on Sky. See which option is best for you >

Will this use up my mobile data allowance?

If you're using the app on a mobile network then it will use up your data allowance and you may be charged if you exceed your plan. If you watch BT Sport using your BT Broadband or a BT Wi-fi hotspot, then it won't count towards your usage allowance.

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