Two-step authentication


Two-step authentication is a way of logging in where you confirm your identity in two ways. It’s safer than just using a password.

We now offer two-step authentication on our website and the My BT app. It's optional.


Why use it?

To protect your identity and data. As scams and attacks become more sophisticated, we’re making our security stronger to keep you safe.  


How do I get it?

Log into My BT as normal using your ID and password.
On your homepage, click Your Details at the top of the page.





This will take you to your profile page.
At the bottom of the page you’ll see “Two-step authentication is currently OFF”. Opposite is a link reading Set up two-step authentication – click this.




We’ll then ask whether you want a passcode sent to your email or mobile. This passcode will confirm your identity so you can set up two-step authentication.

You’ll also need to let us know which of your devices are safe, and which are shared.


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