Creating and activating your new BT ID


Before you get started, here's some important information: 


• You must create a brand new email address with the provider of your choice. This will become your new BT ID
• You’ll need to be able to access this email address during the set-up journey
• You'll also need your BT trial account number - this was sent to you in the post addressed to 'BTIDyourfirstname Trialyoursurname' 

Creating your BT ID

• Click here to get started >
• Click the I want to be the Account Holder button


To create your new BT ID you'll need:

• Trial BT account number - sent to you by post
• Trial name - after ‘BTID’ and ‘Trial’, use your own first and last name. For example, if your name is Joe Bloggs, enter:

• First name = BTIDJoe
• Last name = TrialBloggs
• Date of birth – this is always 01/01/1901

•Click Next


Validating your account

• Click on Validate your account using the security questions. Do not click on Send PIN to email - this won't work


• Type in your trial mother's maiden name - this is the same as your trial last name. For example, Joe Bloggs’ mother's maiden name is 'TrialBloggs'. Do not use your real mother's maiden name
• Click Next


Choosing your username

• Choose your BT ID username. This should be the new email address you've created for the trial
• Click Next
• Fill in the ‘Security details’ and click Next. Pick a password you’ll remember and don’t use personal information for the ‘Questions and answers’; be creative!


Activating your BT ID

• Access the email account you’ve used to create your BT ID
• Open the activation email and simply click the Activate your BTID link
• Type in the password you chose when creating your BT ID


• Click Next and you’ll be logged in

Let us know if you've activated successfully or need more help

• If you're having issues or need more help, click here so we can investigate and get back to you >


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