I am a trialist. How can I grant or assume management of a My BT account?

If you want to allow somebody else to manage a My BT account you manage, or if you want to manage someone else’s account, you need to add a cookie. This cookie updates the account profile, adding the option ‘Invite a new account manager’.

Here’s how you do it:

• Log into Click on My BT and you will see this screen:




Column split: 



full width:



• To do anything on this screen you need to add a cookie. To do this open a new tab. Then paste into the address bar and press enter.
• Go back to the first tab and refresh the page. You will see this screen:


• The Invite a new account manager link should now be visible (see red square).
• If the Invite a new account manager link hasn’t appeared, please close your browser and repeat the steps above.


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