Downloading the BT TV web player app

To watch programmes via the BT TV App on the web, you’ll have to download the BT TV web player app onto your desktop. This is a one-time download only. You’ll be prompted to download the player app the first time you try and play anything via the web.

To download the player app follows these steps:

  1. Click on a title to play
  2. You’ll be asked to install the BT TV Web Player - click the For Windows button. If you experience any problems, copy and paste into your browser instead
  3. If you're asked to, click Run
  4. You’ll see the file download in a bar at the bottom of your browser. Click on the file when it's downloaded, then click Install
  5. When the player app has finished installing, click Finish and close

Any time you try to play anything back via web in future, the player app will automatically launch when you press 'Play'. You’ll also see the web player app on your desktop. You can launch it using any web browser.

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