Can't watch or access subscription TV channels

The TV help tool is available to all BT TV customers. When things go wrong, it can quickly get you up and running again. Click the button below to get started:


The subscription channels you get will depend on what BT TV package and bolt-ons you have. Not sure what's included in your TV package? Click here to find out what channels and bolt-ons you get with each TV package.

Your subscription channels are broadcast using your broadband. The channels you get will depend on what BT TV package and add-ons you have.

Not sure what's included in your TV package? You can check what channels and add-ons you get with each TV package here. You can change your BT TV package or get an add-on online or call us on 0800 100 400.

If you’ve just ordered a new package or add-on, it can take up to 24 hours for the subscription to become active on your BT TV box.


Still can't access Premium channels but have the right subscription?


  1. Check that your broadband's working. You should have a blue light on your BT Hub, or check you can view a website on a computer or tablet. If you have no broadband connection, you need to fix this to watch Premium TV channels. Click here for help with BT Broadband connection problems >
  2. If your broadband is working, make sure the connection is getting through to your BT TV box by checking it's set up correctly. Click here to see our user guides for the correct equipment set up >
  3. Did you get an error code? Please see our section on error codes with steps on how to fix them
  4. If you didn't get an error, please follow the extra checks below for the type of TV box you have

Video: Problems with connectivity

Activate your subscription:

  1. Press the BT Player button on your remote, or scroll to 'BT Player' on the menu and press OK on your remote
  2. Go back to the guide and try accessing the channel again

Check your box is connected to the internet:

  1. Go to Settings > Signal & Connection
  2. Select Broadband connection
  3. If your box is disconnected, it'll automatically try to reconnect
  4. For problems with broadband connection, log into the TV Help tool above to diagnose while you're online or contact us >

Check for software updates on your box:

  1. Go to Settings > Information & Reset
  2. Select Software
  3. Select Update Software

Check you haven't hidden the channel from your TV guide by following these steps:

  1. Go to the 'TV guide, then press the yellow button on your remote
  2. Enter your 'YouView PIN'
  3. Press the red button (not the red R button for recording), and this will restore any hidden channels

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