Recording problems on BT TV

If you have the TV box (pictured right), you won't be able to record live TV. If you'd like to upgrade to a recordable TV box, please get in touch.


Unfortunately we can't fix or recover any corrupt or lost recordings, but we can help you stop this happening again.

If you've lost or have a failed recording, you could always try using search to find the programme so you don't miss out.

You may have problems with recordings if your Freeview signal or broadband connection was bad at the time. If you're missing part of a recording, or an episode from a series recording, the broadcaster may have changed the programme schedule or the programme has over run.

Here are some steps to help stop this from happening again:

  1. Check the channel you're trying to record. They won't record properly if you’re having trouble viewing the channel. Get help for problems with channels >
  2. Check your equipment cabling is connected securely
  3. Make sure you don't switch off your BT TV box or BT Hub when you have a scheduled recording
  4. Check any series recordings have been set up correctly, by going to the 'Scheduled' section of 'My TV'
  5. Problems with your Freeview channels and dropping broadband connection can affect your recordings. Get help fixing your Freeview channel or broadband issues:

The end of my programme hasn't recorded

Sometimes programmes can overrun. The Freeview channels should automatically recognise this and continue to record until the end of the programme.

But due to the technology that's used for Broadband TV channels, the recording times are set and can't be moved like they can for Freeview channels.

If you think that there's a possibility of your programme running over, such as a sporting event that may go to extra time, we recommed you also record the programme that comes on immediately after. That way you won't miss the end of your programme if it does run over.

Can I extend the finish time of a recording on Extra TV channels?

You can't change recording times on YouView, as they're set by the programming from the TV guide.

I have a Recording Unavailable message

This message indicates the BT TV Box no longer has the rights to play the recording. This may happen when you change packages or bolt-ons and the recording was made from a channel you no longer subscribe to.

If you have recently taken one of our Now packages or bolt-ons, the message may appear if you try and watch recordings that were either made from channels you no longer have, or from channels that have been reprovided in your new NOW package or bolt-on.

For example if you have recordings of Discovery Channel through an old BT pack and you now have Discovery Channel through one of our NOW passes or packages, the old Discovery Channel will have been removed and you won't be able to watch those recordings. Any series links set on the old channel will need to be reset on the new NOW channel.



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