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Get help for sound problems channels. Follow our troubleshooting steps for various different sound problems. These problems can often be fixed at home, without the need to contact us.

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If you turn up the volume to the maximum using your YouView remote but it's still low, it's probably because it was set low on your TV box when you paired your remote with your TV.

Here's how to fix it and sync your TV and TV box volume:

  1. Use your YouView remote to set the volume to half way between low and high
  2. Use your TV remote to do the same
  3. Now re-pair your YouView remote with your TV >

You'll need to contact the channel broadcaster or content provider directly. For a list of providers' details, see the YouView useful contacts >

  • Check the 'Mute' button hasn't been accidently pressed on either your TV or YouView remote
  • Check the volume levels on both your TV and TV box, using both remotes
  • If you're connected to a surround sound system, check all your equipment is turned on and you've selected the correct output for the sound
  • Finally, check all your cables are connected correctly. For help connecting your equipment, see the user guide >

If none of that works, contact us using the Chat now button at the bottom of the page for more help.

  • Try changing to another channel and then back to the first one
  • You can manually adjust the sync. Press the Home (or YouView) button, then go to Settings > Picture & Sound > Synchronise Picture & Sound
  • Restart your TV box by holding down the round power button for eight seconds. You'll know your box has restarted when you see 'Hello' on the front panel, followed by 'Please wait'

If none of that works, contact us using the Chat now button at the bottom of the page for more help.

  • Check the 'Audio Description' button isn't switched on by pressing the [AD] button on your remote control
  • You can also turn Audio Description off. Go to Settings > Audio Description > and choose Off

Your TV box plays content supplied by the broadcaster or provider. Sometimes volume levels change between programmes, adverts and promotional trailers. If the problem's on a single channel, contact them directly. You'll find broadcasters' details on the YouView useful contacts page.

If the problem is with the BBC iPlayer, the BBC iPlayer team are aware that the volume levels are louder than other players. They're working to correct this so please adjust the volume settings on your TV while you're watching BBC iPlayer.

If it's a more general problem, please check the volume settings on your TV.

This could be a problem with either Freeview channels or internet channels. Help to fix these problems will depend on what it is. See our channel problems help to find the right steps to fix your problem.

If you can't see your problem listed here, contact us using the Chat now button at the bottom of the page.

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