My BT TV remote control isn't working

The TV help tool is available to all BT TV customers. When things go wrong, it can quickly get you up and running again. Click the button below to get started:

If you can't log into the TV Help Tool, run through each of the checks below. After each one, check your remote control to see if it's working.

  1. Check your batteries and replace them if necessary
  2. Check the remote's working properly by pressing other buttons and seeing if the light flashes when they're pressed. If the light isn't flashing, move on to the next check. If it is flashing, your box might not be responding. Reset your BT TV box to fix this >
  3. Restart your BT TV box by switching it off and on again at the mains. Once fully restarted, check if it's fixed your problem
  4. If it's still not responding, reset the remote control. Once you've finished, check if the reset has fixed your problem
  5. Does the light flash on your remote when buttons are pressed now? If it doesn't, contact us >

Interference which can affect the remote

A lot of modern TVs have an ambient light or auto-dimming feature, designed to adjust the brightness of your TV screen. Unfortunately, these features can send out infrared signals which interfere with the signals sent from your BT TV remote control.

You can fix the problem by turning off the screen dimming feature. See your TV's user guide for instructions.

If your remote control doesn't work at first but is then OK, it could be because your TV has an energy saving mode.

This measures the light level in the room and then adjusts the screen backlight to reduce the amount of power the TV uses. On most modern TVs, it's active for up to 30 minutes after you first switch it on. However, this feature can also stop your BT TV box responding to your remote control.

We suggest following your TV's instructions to turn off the energy saving mode and setting your screen brightness to at least 70%.

If you’re experiencing problems intermittently, and you notice it more in the evenings, energy saving light bulbs could be interfering with the infrared signal.

To confirm this is the problem, switch off your lights for a couple of minutes and test the remote again. If it's working fine, try repositioning your lights or TV.

Controlling your TV with your BT TV remote control

You can programme your BT TV remote to control a number of functions on your TV, like the volume and channel. Here are the instructions for controlling your TV with the BT TV remote >

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